NS Review – Monster Hunter Generations (3DS)

After clocking over 25 hours of playtime it’s time for me to review Capcom’s latest entry in the Monster Hunter series. In a nutshell, Generations is like a greatest hits album of the previous Monster Hunter games with added extras such as being able to play as a Palico and a choice of Hunter Styles. … Continue reading

Out this week on the EU eShop (14th July)

Monster Hunter Generations

Oooooh is it a week to be a MonHun fan! Why? Because the new Monster Hunter is out of course. Monster Hunter X I mean Generations has finally reached the shores of Europe and the UK who  have decided they are too good for Europe.  Monster Hunter Generations looks great because the game play finally … Continue reading

Nintendo at Hyper Japan 2016 – Monster Hunter, Pokemon, Yo-kai Watch, and more!

It’s that time of year again, Hyper Japan is back from 15th to 17th July at the Olypmia, London! Nintendo will be hosting a variety of events, showcasing games that came out earlier this year, and a chance to play some new, unreleased game demos! Expect to see Monster Hunter Generations, Dragon Quest VII, Fire … Continue reading

NS Preview – Monster Hunter Generations (3DS)

Monster Hunter Generations Preview

Last year I discovered Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and it became my most played game last year. What I enjoyed the most about it was its challenging and fun action-oriented gameplay combined with its extensive character customisation. So, when it was announced that Monster Hunter X would be localised to the west as Monster Hunter … Continue reading

Nintendo Treehouse Live Highlights

With day 1 of Treehouse showing off some new Pokemon Sun & Moon info and a ton of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild gameplay, the second day showed a variety of games that will be coming out later this year and early 2017. As well as showing the usual 3DS and Wii … Continue reading

Nintendo’s E3 Presentations

Pokemon Sun

Yes that’s right presentations, as Nintendo after declaring they were only going to show the new Zelda at E3 now have two Treehouse presentations. On the 14th June at 5pm BST they will show Zelda and Pokemon Sun and Moon. Then on 15th June at 6pm BST there will be a presentation showcasing Monster Hunter … Continue reading

Monster Hunter Generations Launches This Summer on Nintendo 3DS

The next hunt begins this summer as Monster Hunter Generations will be released on Nintendo 3DS, featuring all new abilities and customisation options for fans of the series to enjoy. The new trailer released by Nintendo UK shows many of the features new to the game, with the most notable being the Hunter Styles and … Continue reading

Monster Hunter 3G Limited Edition 3DS

More 3DS news for you to feast your eyes on today! Nintendo and Capcom have announced that they will be bundling the Monster Hunter 3G game along with an original Monster Hunter 3G 3DS along with the games release on December 10th in Japan. This 3DS will have the Monster Hunter markings, as you can … Continue reading

Nintendo Scene: September, A Month in Review

This month was full of various massive events and, as usual, the Nintendo Scene crew threw themselves at the opportunity to provide you, the readers, with all the information. In-fact, the month was so driven by massive events that I don’t really know where to start with this post… I’ll start with the earth shattering … Continue reading

Monster Hunter 4 For 3DS

Monster Hunter fans will be very happy to hear that this morning it was announced that a new game, Monster Hunter 4, will be heading to the 3DS. Just the other day, Monster Hunter 3G was announced for release on the 3DS. Great to see two Monster Hunter titles heading our way! No details have … Continue reading

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