The Many Faces of Nintendo Blogging – Interview Series – Nintendo Kingdom

The Many Faces of Nintendo is a new segment to the Nintendo Scene family that I have been working on for some time and now feel that it’s ready to bring to the masses. The idea of the series is to give the readers an inside look at the bloggers they have come to know … Continue reading

Complete List of Nintendo’s E3 2012 Presentations and Trailers

Here we have have it! Via Nintendo’s official E3 press release site with have every single Nintendo E3 presentation videos and trailers for you viewing pleasure. Even if you think you know what E3 gave us, take a seat and some pop corn and be sure to check everything Nintendo gave us. Sorry, this page might … Continue reading

Whatever Happened To……

I was at work today and I had some time to kill so I started thinking, and of course my mind goes to Nintendo cause that’s just the kind of guy I am. So I start thinking about Nintendo related material and I get to things that have gone away from the Mario games. Things … Continue reading

The Birth of Mario in Pixels

Super Mario Bros. was first released in 1985. These amazing pictures show just of the designers got down to the nitty-gritty in mapping our each pixel to be used in the display output. No Photoshop or any other fancy graphic design program here just pencil and paper. The control scheme is the really iconic here. These images … Continue reading

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