New Super Mario Bros 2 Outsells New Super Mario Bros on Launch in the UK

  Recent 3DS release New Super Mario Bros 2 has outsold its predecessor, New Super Mario Bros, on launch in the UK by a whopping 29.4 percent! Not a bad feat at all! The game has sold well at launch with plenty of fans eager to get collecting a million coins but there’s certainly a … Continue reading

Who Doesn’t Love Gold?

Gold seems to be a theme at Nintendo recently. First, it was announced that New Super Mario Bros. 2 would have the Coin Rush mode as well as pushing players to collect a million coins. Time for the next bit of news. Here in the United States, the long-awaited gold Nunchuk controller has finally been … Continue reading

Nintendo Scene – A Month In Review – June 2012

Hello all, Amaris here with another monthly dose of the goings on at Nintendo Scene. This month was a big and busy month for Nintendo, so let’s kick this article off. June brought with it the highly anticipated Electronic Entertainment Expo, more commonly known as E3. Now, if any of you readers follow my articles, … Continue reading

Nintendo UK to Offer a Special Bonus with Pre-Orders of New Super Mario Bros 2

In a press release issued out to the UK press earlier today and tweeted out to our twitter followers almost instantaneously, Nintendo UK have announced that gamers will receive a special pre-order bonus in the way of a one-off collectible gold coin case. Funny enough, in the press release Nintendo have asked us editors to make … Continue reading

Complete List of Nintendo’s E3 2012 Presentations and Trailers

Here we have have it! Via Nintendo’s official E3 press release site with have every single Nintendo E3 presentation videos and trailers for you viewing pleasure. Even if you think you know what E3 gave us, take a seat and some pop corn and be sure to check everything Nintendo gave us. Sorry, this page might … Continue reading

Most people haven’t heard of my most anticipated 3DS title

The Nintendo 3DS had a stronger selection of software at launch than the original DS had, but there hasn’t been much to get excited about since then. Of course, there are plenty of games people are looking forward to that weren’t rushed for launch, and we’ll be getting many of them this year. The rest … Continue reading

A Week In 3D(S)

I say Week, on Thursday the 31st March, as thanks to some lucky pre-ordering and a great service from an online retailer which I won’t name, I received my Aqua blue Nintendo 3DS on launch day -1. Thursday 24th March. I was in a meeting when it arrived, upstairs. The team I work with weren’t, … Continue reading

The Birth of Mario in Pixels

Super Mario Bros. was first released in 1985. These amazing pictures show just of the designers got down to the nitty-gritty in mapping our each pixel to be used in the display output. No Photoshop or any other fancy graphic design program here just pencil and paper. The control scheme is the really iconic here. These images … Continue reading

Miyamoto: New Super Mario Bros. 3DS Game

In the most recent Iwata Asks series. Shigeru Miyamoto confirms he is working on a new Mario Bros. game for the 3DS! “In the interests of adopting new technology for the Super Mario Bros. tradition, I am now making a new Super Mario Bros. game for the Nintendo 3DS system.” ” It’s important to always use the … Continue reading

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