Nintendo Planning Larger 3DS And Wii U Price Revealed?

Japanese publication Nikkei is reporting on some announcements regarding the 3DS and Wii U a day ahead of Nintendo‘s E3 presentation. Nikkei reports that Nintendo will announce a large screen version of the 3DS system. The new version will have a 4.3 inch screen, or will be 1.5 times the current size. A release in North America, … Continue reading

Nikkei Reveals Project Cafe Controller Details

Nikkei appears to have confirmed many of the rumoured Cafe Controller details prior to Nintendo’s E3 Conference on June 7th. The article was translated and summarised by Andriasang. The details seem to correspond with earlier rumours that the console will have a 6 inch touch screen, a built-in camera and a rechargeable battery. The controller … Continue reading

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