Pop Balloons, Shoot Pirate Chickens, Learn English from a Vampire – It’s Nintendo’s Weekly Download Offerings!

This week’s Nintendo download offering isn’t the biggest or most varied we’ve ever seen though that’s not to say there can’t be any hidden gems. 3DS owners are probably going to be the happiest this week with two new download releases arriving in the 3DS eshop in the form of Balloon Pop Remix and Crazy … Continue reading

This Week’s Nintendo Download Offerings Excavate La-Mulana

Fancy a spot of archaeology this week? Then Nintendo’s download offerings may be of interest to you as La-Mulana, a 2D action platformer, is set to be released on WiiWare this coming Thursday. The game sees you take control of Professor Lemeza as he heads on into several archaeological sites armed with just a whip … Continue reading

Picross e Makes the Grid in This Week’s Nintendo Download Offerings

Logical puzzle game Picross e enters into the Nintendo 3DS eshop this week. The addictive puzzle game has had many incarnations over the years and this one looks set to be the best of the lot! For those who’ve never played a Picross game before you’re given a grid with numbers along the top and … Continue reading

New Super Mario Bros 2 Outsells New Super Mario Bros on Launch in the UK

  Recent 3DS release New Super Mario Bros 2 has outsold its predecessor, New Super Mario Bros, on launch in the UK by a whopping 29.4 percent! Not a bad feat at all! The game has sold well at launch with plenty of fans eager to get collecting a million coins but there’s certainly a … Continue reading

Donkey Kong Jr swings onto the 3DS Virtual Console this week

Are you fed up of Mario taking up all the limelight and being too heroic in all his recent games? Well this week Nintendo are releasing a tasty antidote just for you with the emergence of NES classic Donkey Kong Jr on the 3DS Virtual Console! This classic has a similar feel to the arcade … Continue reading

Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon Lands on the 3DS Virtual Console this Week

Old Konami favourite Goemon is making a comeback this week with the release of the Game Boy title Mystical Ninja starring Goemon on the 3DS Virtual Console. The game sees you take control of three characters, Goemon, Ebisumaru and Sasuke, as you attempt to rescue your ninja mate Yae from the clutches of the evil … Continue reading

SpeedX 3D Races Onto The 3DS eShop This Week

Popular mobile game SpeedX 3D makes the transition to the handheld console market this week with its induction into the 3DS eshop download catalogue. The game is essentially a fast paced tunnel racer filled with vibrant colours, electronic music and countless obstacles. The game has four game modes and can either be controlled with the … Continue reading

Toki Tori Waddles Onto The 3DS Virtual Console This Week

  Puzzle fans should be happy with Nintendo’s download offerings this week as the Game Boy Color puzzle-platformer Toki Tori flutters down onto the 3DS Virtual Console. The game has you controlling Toki Tori, a plump yellow chick, as he sets out on an egg-citing adventure to save his unhatched brothers and sisters. Each level … Continue reading

Direct-Feed Video Footage of Japanese Resident Evil: Revelations eShop Demo

One of the many things announced in Satoru Iwata’s Nintendo Direct Live Stream Presentation yesterday night was that various eShop demos would be available to download after the presentation ended. Now thanks to StreetPass Dubai, we have direct feed footage of the entire 10 Minute Demo, which is the same demo from E3 2011 and … Continue reading

Metroid II Will Be Hitting The eShop This Week

Good news Metroid fans! This week, Nintendo of Europe has announced that Metroid II: The Return Of Samus will appear on the Virtual Console section of the Nintendo 3DS eShop this Thursday. It will be priced at £3.60/€4.00. Metroid II: The Return Of Samus The Game Boy’s exclusive chapter in the Metroid series sees Samus Aran … Continue reading

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