Could Gamecube Games be Heading to Wiiware?

It might be the case that the library of GameCube games could be making their way onto Nintendo’s next console. Nintendo has already confirmed at E3 that GameCube discs would not be compatible on the Wii U. However in an interview, Nintendo of America executive Amber McCollom has said … “GameCube discs will not be … Continue reading

Nintendo E3 History: 2004 – ‘Reggie-lution’

If you read my last post, you’ll remember that 2003 was a slight dissapointment for Nintendo fans, so we were praying that 2004 would be different. Yes it was. E3 2004 was full of new and fresh ideas, something that 2003 lacked. ‘My name is Reggie. I’m about kicking ass, I’m about taking names, and we’re … Continue reading

Nintendo using 3D Gaming Technology? That’s so 1980s…

For most Nintendo fans, the 3DS marked the starting point of 3D gaming and the amazing technology which brings our favourite gaming characters to life. However, the 3DS wasn’t the first time that Nintendo played around with 3D technology, albeit with glasses. In fact, the ‘glasses-free’ 3D capability has been well established in Japan for quite some … Continue reading

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