Fact Sheet Reveals New Details For Nintendo Land’s F-Zero, Yoshi’s Fruit Cart And Octopus Dance Games

At the Play Expo last weekend a fact sheet at the Nintendo stand was found to have a description for the elusive final three games featuring in Nintendo Land: Captain Falcon’s Twister Race, Yoshi’s Fruit Cart and Octopus Dance. ONM managed to get hold of a photo showing the factsheet and the descriptions are below: Captain Falcon’s Twister … Continue reading

Play Expo Manchester 2012 – Report

This weekend saw the Play Expo roll into the beautiful city of Manchester bringing with it a ton of retro consoles, pinball machines, merchandise  a host of new games and of course the Wii U! The Wii U games available to play were ZombiU, New Super Mario Bros. U, Nintendo Land, Rayman Legends, Tekken Tag Tournament … Continue reading

Eurogamer Expo 2012: Our Time With The Wii U

Eurogamer Expo 2012 has come to a close, and what an event it has been. Gamers across the UK (and quite a few from surrounding countries and as far as the US according to my 3DS StreetPass hits!) flocked to Earl’s Court Exhibition Centre for the UK’s largest games event. What was most exciting for Nintendo … Continue reading

Nintendo Land Requires Wii Remote Plus

Nintendo have revealed that Nintendo Land requires a Wii Remote Plus controller in order to play some of the games. Speaking in an interview with World Nintendo Report, a Nintendo representative confirmed: “For Nintendo Land, you do need the Motion Plus Remote because some of the games require it.” This news was probably expected seeing … Continue reading

Nintendo Land Will Not Feature Online Play

Nintendo have confirmed that Nintendo Land will not include online multiplayer instead opting to promote the MiiVerse and the connections you can make through it. Bill Trinen, when speaking to 1-Up, confirmed this by saying: “It’s not going to be played over the network. There’s actually a logical reason for why they decided to do that. … Continue reading

Wii U ZombiU Premium Pack Bundle does not Feature Nintendo Land

It wasn’t perfectly clear whether or not the Wii U ZombiU Premium Pack bundle would include Nintendo Land when it was revealed during Nintendo Direct. It has now been confirmed that it will not feature the theme-park based game and will instead include a Wii U Pro controller. This was confirmed by Nintendo of Europe … Continue reading

Nintendo Announce Wii U UK Showcase Tour

Starting at Eurogamer on 27th September, the Wii U showcase tour will be giving many of us the chance to go hands on with the Wii U for the first time before it’s release on 30th November. The tour will be visiting shopping centres, game expos and events all over the country. “The tour is the … Continue reading

Nintendo Direct Trailer Rundown

Yesterday’s Nintendo Direct showed us a whole heap of trailers for our viewing pleasure. Here’s a handy summary of all the trailers shown during the presenation! Platinum Games revealed yesterday during Nintendo Direct that they’ll be bringing two new games to the Wii U: The Wonderful 101 and Bayonetta 2. Bayonetta 2 was the biggest … Continue reading

Wii U Nintendo Direct Summary. The Prices, The Dates, The Games.

Today was a massive day for Nintendo as they broadcasted their Nintendo Direct presentations across Japan, North America and Europe. First of all let’s cover the big news, the one we’ve all been waiting for: the release date! This morning Satoru Iwata revealed the Wii U would be released in Japan on December 8th; during … Continue reading

New Nintendo Land Trailer Shows Off Balloon Trip Breeze

Interested in Balloon Trip Breeze, the new Nintendo Land game we mentioned earlier? Well you’re in luck as a new trailer has emerged showing off the new mini game in all its glory! The trailer shows how you use the touch screen on the Wii U Gamepad to direct gusts of wind that send your … Continue reading

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