Update Nintendo Letter Box With New Colours

Big fan of Nintendo Letter Box? So are we! So it was a nice little treat from Nintendo of Europe and Nintendo UK to tweet a QR code which allowed you to scan and update Nintendo Letter Box. Simply scan the QR code to your right with your 3DS console and it’ll take you straight … Continue reading

Grab Yourself Nintendo Letter Box’s Nikki Mii

By now, most of you lovely 3DS holders have downloaded every free app available on the 3DS eShop – I know I have. But how many of you have uncovered the wonders of Nintendo Letter Box? Judging by my ever-full letter inbox, I’d say quite a few. But for those who haven’t heard of it, … Continue reading

Nintendo Letter Box Coming To 3DS eShop This Week

Good news 3DS owners, the 3DS messaging system is arriving this week, and will be available to download through the 3DS eShop. Here is the press release on Nintendo Letter Box: Available to download for free via the Nintendo eShop this week is Nintendo Letter Box. Nintendo Letter Box is a fun, simple and creative new … Continue reading

Missed Out On Nintendo Direct Today? Watch It Here!

Have you missed all the Nintendo news and action today due to work, school, or other reasons that get in the way of your gaming life? Look no further. Catch up on all the latest happenings by watching the full Nintendo Direct conference now in the video below. Iwata finally confirmed that we would indeed … Continue reading

Nintendo Letter Box Coming To 3DS

It has been announced today that Nintendo will be providing a free 3DS messaging app which will become available on the eShop this December. It’s to be called Nintendo Letter Box and it will let you send messages to your friends using StreetPass and SpotPass. You will be able to write and draw your own messages … Continue reading

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