Wii U Premium Pack Digital Promotion Information Revealed By Nintendo

When Nintendo first unveiled the two available Wii U packs, Basic and Premium, they also mentioned a digital promotion that would benefit those who bought the Premium  pack (Deluxe set in North America). We’ve not had much information on how it will actually work but Nintendo have revealed a little more information via their website. Premium Wii U … Continue reading

Opinion: The Enduring Enigma Of The Nintendo Network

With the Wii U’s launch on the horizon it is perhaps a little bemusing that so many third party publishers and developers remain in the dark about the Nintendo Network. It remains the biggest mystery surrounding the Wii U; just how will the Nintendo Network actually work? Nobody seems to know; journalists, developers, perhaps even … Continue reading

Scribblenauts Unlimited Will Utilise Nintendo Network

It has been confirmed by a representative of 5th Cell that Scribblenauts Unlimited will use the Nintendo Network to “share objects created with the Object Editor.” The 3DS version of the game will not feature either the object editor or be available to play online but it will utilise the StreetPass feature which will allow … Continue reading

Wii U Internet Browser Supports HTML5 But Not Flash

Nintendo have revealed some details about the Wii U’s internet browser and it looks to be the best yet. As reported in Nintendo World Report the browser will most notably support HTML5 but will not support Flash. HTML5 is fast becoming the language of choice for websites as displayed by YouTube who already have an … Continue reading

Nintendo Land Will Not Feature Online Play

Nintendo have confirmed that Nintendo Land will not include online multiplayer instead opting to promote the MiiVerse and the connections you can make through it. Bill Trinen, when speaking to 1-Up, confirmed this by saying: “It’s not going to be played over the network. There’s actually a logical reason for why they decided to do that. … Continue reading

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