SUPERHOT Shoots Onto Nintendo Switch Today

The stylish action shooter SUPERHOT was revealed in the Indie World presentation earlier and is coming to Nintendo Switch today. SUPERHOT is an FPS game where time only moves when you do, because of this, you must dodge and weave between enemy fire and take out all who get in your way. Blurring the lines … Continue reading

A Hat in Time – Physical Version Revealed by Amazon

A Hat in Time has an official release date revealed by Amazon. Spotted by Wario64 on Twitter, the game appears to be coming to Switch on the 18th of October. It even has a full Switch box art and a price of $39.99.

NS Review – Night Trap (Nintendo Switch)

Night Trap along with Mortal Kombat and other games at the time were at the head of a congressional hearing in the early 90’s that gave birth to the age ratings boards we know today. PEGI and the ESRB all owe their roots to this hearing and in a way Night Trap has carved a legacy for itself.

Check Out Amazing Reactions to Panzer Dragoon Remake and the other 2 Trailers

I was as thrilled as the next fan to see that Panzer Dragoon is coming to Switch thanks to our friends over at Forever Entertainment, never having a Saturn nor a friend with one but these reactions are priceless. Also as a reminder check out the two trailers for it, one showing off cinematics and … Continue reading

Explore the Mind of Theo Kavinsky When Headspun Hits Nintendo Switch on August 28th

Being published by the contemporary kings of FMV games Wales Interactive comes Headspun, an FMV Adventure game exploring the conscious and subconscious mind. Rebuild the cortex and restore memories in this innovative FMV Adventure Hybrid by debuting developer Superstring.

NS Review – Tap Skaters (Switch)

Tap Skaters is cheap and cheerful arcade style fun from Digital Melody who have developed other similar games available on Nintendo Switch such as Timberman VS. It’s an endless runner style game where the objective is to avoid obstacles as you scroll further and further down the screen. Tap Skaters on Nintendo Switch is essentially … Continue reading

Space Harrier and Puyo Puyo come to Nintendo Switch August 22nd

Enter the Fantasy Zone and get ready to play the originator of the popular puzzle franchise when Space Harrier and Puyo Puyo come to Nintendo Switch on 22nd of August as part of the SEGA AGES series of re-releases. More than just a standard port, the SEGA AGES series feature additions to the games, Space … Continue reading

Cadence of Hyrule Demo Out Now on Nintendo eShop

Not sure you want to pay £22.49 for Cadence of Hyrule, the Zelda Crypt of the Necrodancer? No me either, luckily for everyone a demo is out now. To download just head over to the eShop on your Nintendo Switch go to search, type “cadence”, go to the games page and now there’s an option … Continue reading

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Smashes Evo Records, Watch the 2019 Grand Final Here

This Sunday, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was part of the biggest fighting game eSports tournament EVO. Known for bringing professional fighting game players from all around the globe, the EVO tournament series is a big deal in the fighting game community. With the highest number of entrants in the Super Smash Bros. history at nearly … Continue reading

New Patch Released for Cadence of Hyrule: 1.02 Include Gameplay Balances, Leaderboards, Achievements and… “Beat Rumble”?

The wonderful even if a little short rhythm game developed by Brace Yourself Games keeps receiving updates and content.This new patch, bringing the game to version 1.02 adds a few improvements, adds leaderboards, achievements and most importantly, adds Beat Rumble.This mode is designed to immerse the gamer even more and help them following the beat … Continue reading

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