NS Review – Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games (Wii U)

Welcome back to part 2 of Overlong Titles. This week we’re turning our heads once again to Mario and Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games this time on the Wii U. The 3DS version failed to impress three months ago, and now it’s time to see how the home console version performs. It doesn’t take long … Continue reading

Out on the EU eShop this week (16th June)

The legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

It’s Monday so for Nintendo fans we find out what’s happening with the eShop this week in the EU. There are a few new releases including a port of Metal Slug inspired Gunslugs onto 3DS and a lot of titles on sale. The best bits though are the in the sudden pop up of the … Continue reading

The Next Splatfest (11th June)

World tour Vs A space adventure

It’s here everyone, the next Splatfest after the big update on Splatoon. It’ll start 6pm BST on Saturday 11th June. This time it’s What’s your dream trip? A world tour or  a space adventure. Now I’m sure more people will pick a space adventure as clearly that’s a better holiday. though if you think about … Continue reading

Nintendo’s E3 Presentations

Pokemon Sun

Yes that’s right presentations, as Nintendo after declaring they were only going to show the new Zelda at E3 now have two Treehouse presentations. On the 14th June at 5pm BST they will show Zelda and Pokemon Sun and Moon. Then on 15th June at 6pm BST there will be a presentation showcasing Monster Hunter … Continue reading

Celebrate a year of Splatoon in style

Happy Birthday Splatoon

Since last Sunday Splatoon has been out a year. What a year it’s been with updates still rolling out due to popular demand. Splatoon has gone from paying full price for effectively a demo to a huge game with mucho guns, levels and game modes. With gaming’s current obsession with shooters, Splatoon is surely here … Continue reading

Out on the EU eShop this Week (14th April)

Lilac in Runbow

Once again welcome to Monday. It’s time to find out what’s going to happen with the Nintendo eShop this week. A little secret information… there’s a lot. First off I’m going to mention that the Wii U is getting some Nintendo Selects (lower priced versions of the same games, hooray for cheaper games), We get … Continue reading

Out on the EU eShop this week (24th March)

Hyrule Warriors Legends Limited Edition

It’s Monday again which mean we find out what’s coming up on the Nintendo eShop this Thursday and there’s a big ‘un. Hyrule Warriors Legends is finally releasing. It has felt like a long time coming because Koei Tecmo and Nintendo have slowly fed us information since last December to make us thirsty for some … Continue reading

Out on the EU eShop this week (17th March)

Pokken tournament

Another week means new Nintendo eShop releases and sales. The big release this week? Pokken Tournament simply described as Pokemon fighting in a Tekken style game but it is so much more than that with it’s own play style unlike any other fighter. there’s also the next batch of New 3DS exclusive SNES games, F-Zero … Continue reading

Nintendo add Wii U Titles to Nintendo Selects (£19.99)

Nintendo Selects

Nintendo is adding to it’s Nintendo Selects titles bringing quality games at affordable prices. This time adding Wii U games to the rather good existing 3DS line up. Included again is a Zelda title of Windwaker. Also included are New Super Mario Bros U + Weegee (Luigi) Bros, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, the very … Continue reading

Next Splatfest: Hoverboards Vs Jet Packs

Splatfest: Hooverboards Vs Jet Packs

Splatoon is still going strong with new updates coming soon and splatfest still ongoing. The next splatfest is “Would you rather have a Hoverboard or Jet Pack? Now that is a tough decision as obviously Hoverboards are way cooler but jet packs are much more practical and less likely to end in falling to certain … Continue reading

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