NS Review – Wii Play (Wii)

Wii Play was released almost 10 years ago, in 2006, accompanying the birth of the Wii. While it’s not a cinematic, explosive game, bursting with almost too much content to know what to do with (in fact quite the opposite), it is a surprisingly important part of the Wii’s history.The Wii brought one of our … Continue reading

Welcome to the New Nintendo Scene

Nintendo Scene is back! That’s right, after taking some time out to play games, the New Nintendo Scene has arrived. With a fresh team of passionate, dedicated Nintendo gamers at the helm, Nintendo Scene is here to guide you through what promises to be another great year for Nintendo – and into the future of … Continue reading

PokePark 2:Wonders Beyond Review

Title: PokePark 2:Wonders Beyond Publisher:Nintendo Developer:Creatures Inc. System: Nintendo Wii Genre: Adventure Pokemon and Nintendo, a winning combination, right? PokePark 2 is another Pokemon game in the long line of Pokemon Spin-off games that Nintendo brings out a few times a year. Pokemon Spin-off games are either hit or miss. Is PokePark 2 a hit … Continue reading

Xenoblade Cover Art Fan-voted Winner

Another bit of info that was revealed during the Nintendo Direct video feed was the Xenoblade cover-art fan picked winner. A while ago, Nintendo had fans vote on their Facebook page for their favorite Xenoblade image and that image would be included in the special reverse cover for Xenoblade Chronicles. Without further delay, here is … Continue reading

New Club Nintendo Rewards

The newest batch of Club Nintendo Rewards are in! Two new games to buy with coins and a new reward were added to the Club Nintendo catalog  recently and Club Nintendo finally looks like they are getting the hint that people want cool things that other non-members can’t get a hold of. The newest reward … Continue reading

Wii Review: Fortune Street

Title: Fortune Street Genre: Strategy/Board-game-like System: Wii Developer: Armor Project/Square Enix Publisher: Nintendo Fortune Street! Now that I have your attention this review can finally get underway. Now I know you’ve been asking yourself ” What game has Mario characters as well as Dragon Quest characters?” The answer to that question is the Monopoly like … Continue reading

Skyward Sword – Review

Title: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Genre: Action-Adventure System: Wii Developer: Nintendo EAD, Monolith Soft Publisher: Nintendo Back in 1997, Nintendo managed to define a genre with Ocarina of Time. With its legendary targeting system, battling in a 3D environment felt incredibly natural. 14 years on and Nintendo have again managed to define a genre with another truly remarkable … Continue reading

Original Skyloft Concept Artwork

Most of you will now be feeling right at home wandering around Skyward Swords beautiful Skyloft. It may surprise you to know that it might have looked a lot different according to this original concept art. It appears to show Skyloft as a much more densely populated village, set on much steeper slopes across multiple … Continue reading

Epic Mickey 2 In The Works?

The most famous mouse in the world(sorry Speedy Gonzalez) could be going back to his old school roots, again. Mickey Mouse starred in the first installment of the Epic Mickey series and had mixed reviews, mostly good except for camera issues. A newsletter/status update was sent out, prematurely by Disney, showing evidence that a sequel … Continue reading

Wii U will have its own App Store

According to various reports online, the upcoming Wii U will have its own full blown App Store. Apps are big business these days thanks to the success of smartphones and tablet devices, so it’s great to hear Nintendo are keeping up to date. According to The Daily, the app store will be a huge step … Continue reading

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