Baobabs Mausoleum Grindhouse Edition – NS REVIEW

Sometimes game genres can get a bit stale: repetitive gameplays, reused ideas, etc. We have our adventure games, our stealth games, our platformers, our horror games… And then we have Baobabs Mausoleum. If I had to describe the game to someone in very little words I’d probably say: “Imagine a crossover between Wario Ware and Zelda, … Continue reading

Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders – NS Review

Inspired by the book bearing the same name, The ABC murders is an interesting take on the classic point and click adventure genre. It depicts the adventures of Poirot, an eccentric and egotistical individual, trying to solve a series of murders throughout 20th century English locales, all brimming with personality and British charm. The presentation … Continue reading

Biped Review – Nintendo Switch

From Next Studios, a brilliant, if not a bit short, co-op adventure to play on the go! It is a dark time, a pandemic has hit the planet and quarantine must be followed. With quarantine comes boredom and what better than a couch co-op game based on puzzles, teamwork and adorable little robots to spice … Continue reading

Happy New Year From The Staff At Nintendo Scene

From Everyone here at Nintendo Scene, we wish you all a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year! 2011 has been a great year for us, we started our site back in January, with our first post going up on January 30th, welcoming you all to Nintendo Scene. Nintendo Scene took on a whole new importance … Continue reading

Use Our Nintendo Scene RSS Feed

We here at Nintendo Scene would very much like to make you aware, of our versatile site RSS feed. Our RSS feed will enable you to access our site’s content directly via any internet enabled device. The full content of all site posts will be available via the feed’s URL, and at the very same … Continue reading

Like Our Official Facebook Page

We here at Nintendo Scene would very much like invite you to come and “like” our official NinitendoScene Facebook Page. Liking our facebook page will enable you be notified of new posts on the site from within your facebook timeline. We also post exclusive news items that do not feature on our main site, including … Continue reading

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