Preview Trailer for Nintendo NX today

Nintendo NX Reveal

This is it folks – the one we’ve all been waiting for. Finally, since the first official announcement of Nintendo’s ‘new “dedicated games platform with a brand new concept”‘ in March last year, we finally get to see what it’s all about. Dual screen, mobile-home console hybrid? VR, AR, 4K, cartridge based? Hopefully we’re about to … Continue reading

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Trailer and Gameplay Shown at E3

If you had asked me last week if I was looking forward to Nintendo’s E3 showing this year, I would have probably answered “Nah, not really interested in Zelda, and that’s all they’re showing besides Pokemon”. I was not excited, but the new trailer and gameplay shown for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the … Continue reading

Nintendo NX and Zelda U pushed back to 2017 release, Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing coming to Mobile

In a somewhat sad turn of events, it was announced earlier that both the NX and Zelda U are being pushed back to a 2017 release date; March specifically. This comes after the original Zelda U announcement being made in 2013, and an announcement of its release for 2016. Along with the news, Nintendo have … Continue reading

Nintendo Scene’s 2016 Wishlist

Nintendo 2016 Wish List

It’s no secret that Nintendo had a bit of a rocky year in 2015, suffering a fair few blows- but it wasn’t all bad, and we’ll try not to dwell too much on that as 2015 also held some fantastic moments and releases. After Reuben conjured the idea of a “Smash Gold Edition”; an NX … Continue reading

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