Nintendo Switch Online: NES games with online play and Save Data Cloud backup, launching in September

Nintendo Switch Save Data Cloud Back

Today Nintendo have revealed some details about their forthcoming paid Switch online service. The highlight being that the ability to backup save data ‘for most Nintendo Switch games’ to the cloud will be included. Whilst this ‘most games’ statement is a little concerning, it’s a must needed feature that’s been missing since the Switch launched. I’m … Continue reading

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NS Review – Splatoon 2 (Switch)

In this article I’ll be covering the multiplayer modes of Splatoon 2, for the single player Hero Mode, please see my Hands-On Preview here. A long way we’ve swum since the starting days of a weird £20 barebones shooter on an underappreciated console- a strange ink-splattering adventure that exploded in popularity, boosting Wii U sales … Continue reading

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Wii U Will Require Update To Unlock Certain Features

You would think that on day one of launch the Wii U would have everything you’d need installed onto it but this is not the case. In fact for users to gain access to such features as Nintendo eShop, Miiverse, Nintendo TVii, and Wii U Chat an upgrade will need to be downloaded first. Worry not … Continue reading

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Join Our NintendoScene Mario Kart 7 Community (50-6849-0906-6142)

Under the games online menu, go to Communities and then to Enter Code. This is the code you need: 50-6849-0906-6142, enter it and select OK. You will then be able to race the staff here at Nintendo Scene along will all our hardcore followers. Think you’re good? Try and beat us. Till now we normally meet … Continue reading

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Nintendo Scene: October, A Month in Review

The month of October has been a mixed bag for Nintendo with the biggest story being their massive financial loss between the months of April and September. But don’t weep at the idea of life without Nintendo just yet. As ever, the company is displaying the kind of fighting spirit that will warm the hearts … Continue reading

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Nintendo will welcome DLC in the future. Should they?

DLC, downloadable content, is now an established part of the gaming industry, but not quite so much for Nintendo gamers. While DLC services have been available to developers and customers on the Wii, it hasn’t been utilized as widely as on other systems. But with the 3DS having a relaunch of sorts, and the Wii-U … Continue reading

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The Promising Future Of The 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS has been around for a few months now, and while it hasn’t failed, it hasn’t set the gaming world on fire either. The new portable gaming system has certainly done the rounds in the gaming news, with reports on battery life, the launch lineup, the stereoscopic 3D (and it’s possibly health risks), … Continue reading

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