Opinion: Rayman Legends Will Be Sorely Missed On Wii U Launch Day

A few weeks back Ubisoft announced, much to the disappointment of many, that Rayman Legends would no longer be a Wii U launch title and would instead be released in the first quarter of 2013. The official reason behind this delay was so that the development team could perfect the game allowing the player to … Continue reading

Opinion: All DLC For Animal Crossing: New Leaf Will Be Free

I let out a little “yahoo” of relief when it was announced that there will be zero charge for all downloadable content in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Boy, was I happy. I’m not only elated that I’ll be able to download excellent add-ons to my little village but more so because of the excellent fan … Continue reading

Opinion: Why Third Party Praise Means Nothing If The Games Don’t Sell

Flattery will get you everywhere, or so they say. This seems to be the ethos of several game developers who’ve been bombarding Nintendo with chocolate and flowers in recent weeks as the Wii U launch grows ever closer. Why are they doing this? To get in their good books most likely but also to help … Continue reading

Opinion: First Wii U TV Advert Airs In The UK

The great British public got to see their first glimpse of the Wii U over the weekend with the first advert airing on television in the commercial break during the popular drama, Homeland. The advert focussed mainly on what the new console brings to the market, with the GamePad taking centre stage. It showed how … Continue reading

Opinion: Brand Spanking New Seven Minute Long Animal Crossing: Jump Out Trailer

Being the massively gigantic out of control Animal Crossing fanatic that I am, the mere thought of seven minutes worth of unseen gameplay footage of the newest game in the series sets my heart a flutter. A pre warning: this piece is highly biased, deal with it. Animal Crossing is my favourite game and my … Continue reading

Opinion: The Enduring Enigma Of The Nintendo Network

With the Wii U’s launch on the horizon it is perhaps a little bemusing that so many third party publishers and developers remain in the dark about the Nintendo Network. It remains the biggest mystery surrounding the Wii U; just how will the Nintendo Network actually work? Nobody seems to know; journalists, developers, perhaps even … Continue reading

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