Kid Icarus Battle Squad – London Report

Today saw the first of a short UK tour for the Kid Icarus Battle Squad. Starting at the HMV on Oxford Street, London, the four staffed Battle Squad took on all comers who hoped to win a host of prizes. If you played in a game against any of the squad members, you won a … Continue reading

Zelda Skyward Sword London UK Launch Report

Despite a great incentive of a free Limited Edition Skyward Sword bundle for the first 100 link costumed punters,  the turnout was not to any great scale as had been anticipated. Our best estimate would put the queue of Links in line before store opening at no more than fifty! Never the less the buzz … Continue reading

Want A Free Copy Of Skyward Sword? Dress Up As Link!

The time is almost near for one of the biggest games to release this year, as The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword hits European shelves this Friday 18th November. GAME on Oxford Street never fail to impress with their launches, and this time its no different. On Friday morning, the first 100 people dressed as Link … Continue reading

Nintendo Scene: October, A Month in Review

The month of October has been a mixed bag for Nintendo with the biggest story being their massive financial loss between the months of April and September. But don’t weep at the idea of life without Nintendo just yet. As ever, the company is displaying the kind of fighting spirit that will warm the hearts … Continue reading

Nintendo’s London Presence – Report. The Start of Something?

And so today it happened. Nintendo’s muted launch into the UK retail business. Notably not what fans were expecting. This, never the less, can be seen as Nintendo Europe’s first tentative steps into a very risky business. Retail, and all the trepidation that come with such a personal Company/Customer relationship, has been embarked on in this semi-official Nintendo presence. … Continue reading

Unreleased 3DS Titles Playable at IGN’s 100th Podcast Party

This coming Tuesday (23 Aug 11), IGN are celebrating their 100th Podcast with a party at London’s 100 Club on Oxford Street. As previously announced, Nintendo Scene were allocated a number of guest list places which gave away to our readers. The 100th podcast will be recorded live at the party and as well as … Continue reading

Exclusive: Nintendo To Open London UK Store Within Two Weeks!

We can exclusively reveal today that Mr Toshiaki Suzuki a Director of Nintendo Japan will be paying the Nintendo London store’s premisses a visit. This information has come to us through a reliable source. Nintendo will in fact open an official presence here in London within two weeks. Details are scarce, but we can confirm that Mr Toshiaki Suzuki … Continue reading

StreetPass with Nintendo Scene as we Celebrate IGN UK’s 100th Podcast

We would like to invite you to StreetPass with us and the IGN UK podcast team at this exclusive gaming event in Central London. Guest List Only (requests are no longer accepted) taking place at the appropriately-titled venue The 100 Club, Oxford Street on Tuesday the 23rd of this Month (August) from 6-11pm! This event is guest list … Continue reading

London’s Next Major StreetPass Event Day on 16.04.11 from Midday

This is it, the follow-up to the hugely successful first StreetPass event which saw the attendance of early 3DS adopters and Yoshinori Ono (Street Fighter IV Developer). We will now like to invite you to join us for London’s 2nd StreetPass day on the 16th of April 2011, starting from 12:00-15:00 at the London Eye (Jubilee Gardens) then continuing … Continue reading

Nintendo 3DS UK Launch – HMV, London Oxford Street – Live

The night is heated up and the anticipation is increased for the birth of Nintendo’s 3DS here in the UK. We can confirm that @MarwanElgamal was the first in line to purchase the officially released 3DS in the UK at Nintendo’s own VIP event. He’s now also the first official owner of a UK 3DS presented … Continue reading

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