Nintendo Confirms Pikmin 3 Will Make Launch Window In North America

Earlier this week we were all a bit worried about the future of Pikmin 3 with the latest Iwata Asks announcing the game would ship during spring 2013. This would mean the game would need to be released in the first 11 days of spring to make the launch window. Well breathe easy folks as … Continue reading

Pikmin 3 Will Bloom In Spring For North America. May Miss Out On Launch Window

According to the latest Iwata Asks, Pikmin 3 has been pushed back to a spring 2013 release in North America meaning the launch window may well have just closed on poor Olimar and his flowery friends. The launch window runs until 31st March 2013 so unless Pikmin 3 is released in the first 11 days … Continue reading

Nintendo Scene – A Month in Review – September

Hello everyone! Amaris here, with the monthly site review. I’m sorry for the late installment! Due to the massive amount of posts this month, I’ve decided to change up the format of this month’s review by choosing 2 or 3 articles from each of the site’s authors, and focusing my review on them. I do … Continue reading

New Pikmin 3 Screenshots Released by Nintendo

Sadly Pikmin 3 was confirmed for a 2013 release during Nintendo Direct but that doesn’t mean our excitement for the game has dwindled at all! Nintendo have been very nice and revealed four new screenshots of the upcoming game for our viewing pleasure. It’s sad we have to wait to get hold of Pikmin 3 … Continue reading

Wii U Nintendo Direct Summary. The Prices, The Dates, The Games.

Today was a massive day for Nintendo as they broadcasted their Nintendo Direct presentations across Japan, North America and Europe. First of all let’s cover the big news, the one we’ve all been waiting for: the release date! This morning Satoru Iwata revealed the Wii U would be released in Japan on December 8th; during … Continue reading

Nintendo Nominated In Seven Categories At This Year’s Golden Joystick Awards

Nintendo games have been nominated in seven different categories at this year’s Golden Joystick Awards including the big one: Ultimate Game of the Year! This year marks the Golden Joystick Awards’ 30th Anniversary and Nintendo games have made it into the nominations for the Action-Adventure, RPG, Handheld, Download, One To Watch, Top Gaming Moment and … Continue reading

Wii U Hands-On Experience NYC Recap: Steve T’s Perspective Part 2

In the last exciting issue,our young hero had just finished playing New Super Mario Brothers U. Stay tuned: same bat time, same bat channel. OK so I borrowed that last part from Batman but it lends itself so well. Anyway on to part 2 of the Wii U Experience. Hope you enjoy what you see! … Continue reading

Wii U Hands-On: Katy’s Perspective [Pikmin 3, Nintendo Land & Rayman Legends]

Yesterday, myself and Nintendo Scene’s events-guy-StealthBuda were lucky enough to get a hands-on experience of the upcoming Wii U console, as well as demo lots of Wii U and 3DS titles announced at and before E3. Rather than bore you with an extremely long, in-depth and technical article of every game on show yesterday, we … Continue reading

All The Announced Wii U Titles, Right Here, Right Now.

Losing track of all these new Wii U announcements? Well you’re in the right place, as here you can find a list of every announced Wii U title heading our way, so far. We will strive to continue to update this page with any new content or information announced.   Retail NBA 2K13 – 2K … Continue reading

Pikmin 3 Announced At This Years E3

Shigeru Miyamoto showed the very first footage for Pikmin 3 for the Wii U today at their E3 conference. Pikmin 3 will use Wii MotionPlus and the Nunchuk for the most accurate plant-chucking you could ever wish for. The Wii U GamePad can also be used for a greater control over the map and can … Continue reading

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