Nintendo Scene × Mario Kart 8

The Legend of Zelda × Mario Kart 8 was a wondrous moment for the Mario Kart series. Personally I was already sold by the mere fact eight new tracks were being introduced to the starting grid let alone the character and vehicle fluff. The months have clocked on by and I now have a mighty … Continue reading

Wii-U NY Press/Media Conference: Games Recap

My last post was a recap of the presentation that was shown across the internet. This post will recap most of the games at the show and give an inside look at what I think about some of the games that I had a chance to demo. Lets get started, we have lots to cover. … Continue reading

Wii U Hands-On: Katy’s Perspective [Pikmin 3, Nintendo Land & Rayman Legends]

Yesterday, myself and Nintendo Scene’s events-guy-StealthBuda were lucky enough to get a hands-on experience of the upcoming Wii U console, as well as demo lots of Wii U and 3DS titles announced at and before E3. Rather than bore you with an extremely long, in-depth and technical article of every game on show yesterday, we … Continue reading

Miyamoto Talks New Wii U Mario Game, Pikmin and Retirement

News coming to us from today’s Spanish El Mundo newspaper, confirms that Nintendo plan to unveil a new Wii U Mario Game at this Year’s E3. Another than the game utilizing both screens, no more came to light. It’s not clear whether it’s related in anyway to last Year’s “New Super Mario Bros. Mii” Wii U demo. … Continue reading

Like Nintendo? Like T-Shirts?

If you, like me, like to show that you are a Nintendo fan by what you wear, check out these awesome Nintendo inspired t-shirts I recently ordered from Insert Coin Clothing. Just two of a great range of video game themed shirts available on the site, these are inspired by the classic 1992 Mario Kart … Continue reading

Pikmin 3 Confirmed for Wii U

At a roundtable event at E3, Shigeru Miyamoto confirmed that a new Pikmin game was on it’s way to the new Nintendo console. This new Pikmin may not be far away as Miyamoto stated: “As we have been working on the Wii U hardware I have been thinking that it is the perfect system for … Continue reading

Nintendo 3DS (Europe) Unboxing – Pikmin, Mario Link, Kirby and Metroid Revealed

Nintendo 3DS (Europe) Unboxing - Pikmin, Mario Link, Kirby and Metroid Revealed

Till now gamers were only aware of one of the six AR game cards that would be bundled with the 3DS at launch. At all pre-release events visitors were only shown the question mark AR card. The most intriguing of the new cards is the one featuring Pikmin. This comes as anticipation for a new … Continue reading

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