PilotWings Made Available As A Club Nintendo Reward

Super Nintendo launch title PilotWings is the latest game to be made available as a Club Nintendo Reward and will set you back 100 coins. This was the first game of Nintendo’s flight simulator franchise and is all about guiding your various flying machines through tough obstacles as accurately and as quickly as possible! Since then we’ve … Continue reading

The Wii U Games Nintendo Didn’t Mention – Game & Wario, Project P-100 & Panorama View

Even though Nintendo’s E3 conference focused on the Wii U, the gaming giants held back some of their upcoming games, including Game & Wario and Project P-100, both working titles. Here is all we know about both games so far, straight from Nintendo’s own E3 press site: GAME & WARIO: Wario’s Wii U Masterpiece Wario … Continue reading

A Week In 3D(S)

I say Week, on Thursday the 31st March, as thanks to some lucky pre-ordering and a great service from an online retailer which I won’t name, I received my Aqua blue Nintendo 3DS on launch day -1. Thursday 24th March. I was in a meeting when it arrived, upstairs. The team I work with weren’t, … Continue reading

Nintendo Scene Gets 3DS Hands On

3D Stand

Well today is the day, the day I got my very own hands on this special console from Nintendo, before the official UK Launch on the 25th of March. I got to play all the big hitting games that’ll appear in the 3DS’s launch window. The event got off to a slow start, we were herded through various rooms … Continue reading

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