Pokémon Evolution: The First Generation

Has it really been twenty years since the original Pokémon games were released? Pokémon is one of my earliest video game memories; I received a copy of Pokémon Red alongside a Game Boy at Christmas in what must have been 1999, when I was seven years old. This was the year that Pokémon finally hit … Continue reading

Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow Price Confirmed

pokemon red, blue, yellow

27th of Feb is the day that the original Pokemon trio of games turn 20 and they are coming to our beloved backlit 3DSes. My advice, never underestimate the power of a backlight. Nintendo have told us how much Red, Blue and Yellow will set us back and it is £8.99. More than I thought … Continue reading

Pokémon Blue, Red and Yellow Coming to 3DS Virtual Console Next February

90’s kids, rejoice! The latest Nintendo Direct broadcast revealed that Nintendo is set to release Pokémon Blue, Red and Yellow on the 3DS Virtual Console early next year. Pokémon trainers can take a trip through the original classic titles from the 27th February 2016. 2016 will mark 20 years since Game Freak released the games in Japan, … Continue reading

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