3DS Presentation at E3

Nintendo couldn’t ignore their handheld during E3 could they? The answer is “No.” The 3DS was only allowed a few minutes during the Wii-U presentation but the reason for that was the 3DS would have its own presentation the next day and an hour-long to boot. There wasn’t groundbreaking news during the 3DS presentation but … Continue reading

First Footage Of Pokémon Black And White 2

The official Pokémon Black and White 2 website has been updated with the first trailer for the upcoming Pokémon title, as well as some new screenshots, which can be seen below. The website had been updated with the details which we seen in Coro Coro magazine this week. Let us know what you think of … Continue reading

Pokemon Black & White 2 Details

Japanese Coro Coro magazine has confirmed today that the upcoming Pokemon Black & White 2 is no rehash of the previous title. It unveiled that the game will feature a brand new set of characters and a new location. The new male and female protagonists can be seen from the magazine shots as looking rather … Continue reading

Official Pokemon Black & White 2 Boxart

Today the official boxart for Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2 have been revealed, and they are both looking quite impressive! The two Pokemon holding the spotlight are Black and White Kyurem, which were formed using the DNA of both Zekrom and Reshiram. Black Kyurem is a Dragon/Electric type, whilst White Kyurem is a … Continue reading

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