Shing! A Yokai Busting Beat ’em Up is Coming to Switch

Bringing back the good old days is something everyone wants to do. Developers Mass Creation are bringing back classic beat ’em up action with a nice modern twist; you can “shing” between playable characters at any point. This will open up unique and awesome combos, definitely being one to look out for when it launches … Continue reading

Zelda like A Knight’s Quest Coming to Nintendo Switch

An ode to old school, A Knight’s Quest much like Link’s Awakening is brining classic adventuring gameplay back. Starring Rusty who sets off to save the world (yawn), after accidentally starting causing the events that will end the world (interesting). A nice twist on the traditional story sees our hapless adventure using elemental spirit powers … Continue reading

Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[cl-r] has been Officially Confirmed for the West on Switch and Rated by ESRB

That’s right the anime 2D fighting game with the name that just keeps getting longer and weirder is 100% coming West on Nintendo Switch. It was pretty obvious anyway but the press release has just come out for it today so check it and the trailer out below. The most important bit? That the game … Continue reading

Shake your Beehind with Bee Simulator Coming to Nintendo Switch, Including a Physical Edition

Ever wanted to be a bee? Now you can with Bee Simulator when it comes to Switch 14th November. Chill out and collect pollen, race other bees, have a waggle dance off or just fly around it’s it’s good when you’re a bee. Plus it’s going to have local multiplayer making Bee Simulator a great … Continue reading

Ritual: Crown of Horns – a demon/cowboy twin stick shooter with a twist coming to Switch this Year

Draw Distance is bringing this top down gory mesh of genres to Nintendo Switch Q4 this year. In Ritual: Crown of Horns you play as a demon cowboy brought back to life by a witch to be her bodyguard and take out an evil cult in America. How crazy does that sound? Because you’re an … Continue reading

Spirit Hunter: NG Bringing Visual Novel Horror to Switch 10th October

The sequel to the well received Death Mark visual novel is hitting Switch this October courtesy of Aksys Games, prepare for an intensely terrifying ride making difficult decisions along the way as a cursed man is out to solve the mystery of his missing sister. If you’re a fan of visual novels this is absolutely … Continue reading

GRANDIA HD Collection Release Date Announced

Gungho America have just announced the release date for GRANDIA HD Collection the classic JRPG collection containing both GRANDIA and GRANDIA 2 and it couldn’t be much sooner. It’s the 15th August! That’s barely a week away. Amazing that such JRPG joy is joining the Switch so soon. Check out the trailer for GRANDIA 2 … Continue reading

WRC 8 Pre-Order Bonuses and Release Date on Nintendo Switch

Not only is WRC 8 the first foray into the Switch for WRC, not only will be the most realistic rally game on Switch, not only has it got twice the special stages of the previous game, not only is it the same game as other consoles but WRC 8 is coming with a pretty … Continue reading

Chroma Squad coming to Nintendo Switch on the 1st of August

Change your life and build your Power-Rangers inspired TV Show, the 1st August on Nintendo Switch!

Horizon Chase Turbo Summer Vibes DLC coming soon

That’s right DLC for everybody’s favourite arcade racer on Switch is coming soon. How soon? By the end of the month the developers told me. So not long to wait to have reason jump back in, listen to jamming tunes and enjoy summer the Switch way. Check out a trailer and the Horizon Chase Turbo … Continue reading

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