Buy Physical Copies of Shakedown Hawaii Next Week on Switch!

My favourite GTA game isn’t actually a GTA game, it’s Shakedown Hawaii VBlank’s 16 bit styled shady corporation builder. Come next week (25th September) you can buy a physical region free copy of this incredible game. It comes in two flavours; standard for $29.99 and a collector’s edition that’s limited to 4,000 copies for $44.99, … Continue reading

Old School 90’s Arcade Beat ’em ups are Back with Fight’N Rage Coming to Switch Next Week

If you long for the days in arcades back in the 90’s playing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Simpsons, Golden Axe and other classic beat ’em ups you’re in luck because Fight’N Rage takes everything great about those classic games, mashes them together, adds more modern features and a playable minotaur called Ricardo then let’s … Continue reading

Track and Field Arcade Archive has launched for Switch

Hamster who ports lots of classic games to Switch have a real classic here. Track & Field the 1984 Konami classic is competitive button mashing at it’s absolute finest. Forget Sonic and Mario at the Olympics, this is the only Olympic game you need in your life. It is available now (as it launched yesterday) … Continue reading

Looking to Buy Overwatch on Switch? Get the Best Physical (£32.85) and Digital (£26.99) Deal Here

Overwatch is finally coming to Switch after a long wait and cdkeys have a fantastic digital deal for only £26.99, get that here. If physical is your thing, Simply Games have a physical edition for £32.85 here. If you’re not 100% sure what Overwatch is all about check out the trailer below.

New Grid Autosport Trailer for Switch

I might have jumped the gun a bit writing about the release date and price of Grid Autosport before the new trailer was released. Well here is the new trailer showing off some of the awesome cars you’ll get to drive 19th September for £29.99/$34.99.

Rejoice because Castle Crashers Remastered Release Date, Price and Differences are here!

Everybody’s favourite multiplayer beat ’em up is finally hitting a Nintendo console as Castle Crashers Remastered is releasing 17th September for $14.99. Check out the trailer and what the “remastered” bit means below. The fast-paced and frantic mini-game “Back Off Barbarian” that you can play by yourself or with your friendsTexture sizes are five times … Continue reading

The Heart of Gaming Arcade in London has a New Address

Arcades are a dieing breed nowadays but The Heart of Gaming in London is a really friendly pay once, play all you eat gaming buffet run by people who just love games. They have retro fighters, modern fighters, crazy dance machine and other arcade classics. It’s a great place any gamer near London should check … Continue reading

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