Nintendo Direct Round-Up – GamePad, Miiverse, Wii U Pro Controller & More!

Only moments ago, Satoru Iwata finished his Nintendo Direct online conference to the world, addressing some new features of the upcoming Wii U console. If you are still left feeling a bit overwhelmed and need a refresher, or maybe you didn’t catch any of the show then help is at hand. Nintendo Scene is here … Continue reading

Nintendo Considering Name Change For Wii U

A report from CVG suggests that Nintendo may be considering re-naming their next-gen console before E3. Their article claims that following what they describe as a ‘disappointing’ E3 for Nintendo, the company is considering whether to completely re-name their new console. This is following the public’s confusion over the 3DS’ relation to the DS, as … Continue reading

Miyamoto: Not our goal to become the number one online gaming company

In a recent interview with MTV, Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of Mario and Zelda and Nintendo’s head of game design, has been discussing the Wii U and in particular how it will work online. When asked about the online functionality plans for the Wii U, Mr Miyamoto said “We’re not going to sit here and say … Continue reading

No DVD or Blu-ray Support for Wii U

Contrary to previous Project Café rumours, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has confirmed that there will be no DVD or Blu-ray support for the upcoming Wii U console. Iwata has mentioned a number of reasons why he did not include playback for the new home console, when he issues the following statement; “The reason for that … Continue reading

Investor Reaction to Nintendo’s Wii U

Since the announcement of the upcoming Wii U console at this year’s E3 conference, Nintendo’s stock has dropped almost 10%. Yet Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata seems puzzled as to why investors have dropped their support for the company. If you like me sat watching the whole conference with your jaw dropped in amazement unable to take … Continue reading

Nintendo at E3 2011: Wii U is Revealed

After serenading the audience with an orchestra to celebrate 25 years of Zelda and showing us what there is to come on 3DS this year, Nintendo showed us what we have all been waiting for. Not the ‘Wii 2’ or ‘Project Cafe’ or ‘Stream’ or ‘Feel’. ‘Wii U’ is it’s name ‘a system we will … Continue reading

Project Cafe Details Apparently Leaked

As Game Developers and Journalists descend upon Los Angeles for this year’s E3, the Internet rumour mill is in overdrive and the latest list of details regarding Nintendo’s Wii Successor have been circulating the popular gaming forum, NeoGaf. The rumours appear to stem from posts made on 4Chan (get your trucks of salt ready). The … Continue reading

Nintendo Scene: E3 Hopes And Dreams

With four days to go until Nintendo’s E3 presentation, you can’t help but feel all jittery inside, thinking of what could happen and what will be revealed to make our little brains explode! Theres much excitement here at Nintendo Scene in the run up to E3 2011 and we are delighted to share with you … Continue reading

New Zelda Game to be Announced at E3!

According to reports on the net, Nintendo will be unveiling a new The Legend of Zelda game at the E3 event next week. Information was found via the French website, and claims that director and designer of Zelda, Eiji Aonuma, has been quoted on a television programme with the news. Eurogamer has run the … Continue reading

What probably won’t happen at Nintendo’s E3 conference…

With a week to go, we pretty much have no idea what is going to happen during Nintendo’s E3 conference. The internet has remained relatively leak free. While in my lab, I was trying to work out exactly what was going to happen during the conference but then an ingenious thought struck me. We’ve been approaching … Continue reading

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