NS Review – Slime-san (Switch)

I’m enjoying the Switch eShop at the moment. There’s now just under 100 titles on there to choose from and it keeps going from strength to strength. Not only are all of the big releases launching on there as well as physical, but also there has been a tremendous amount of high quality indie titles … Continue reading

In Retrospect – Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

There’s alway a little trepidation that comes with revisiting an older game that you haven’t played in a while, especially when the game relies on its twists and turns of narrative to impress the player. However, sometimes, such as in the light of a new release in the same franchise, it pays to revisit an … Continue reading

NS Review – Picross e6 (3DS eShop)

Occasionally, and that’s very occasionally, something comes along that works so well and is so simple that is should likely never be messed with for fear of ruining it. On that semi-prophetic note; let’s turn our collective gaze to the latest numerical blocky puzzler from Nintendo, Picross e6. The Picross series has been around since … Continue reading

NS Review: Never Alone (Wii U eShop)

I have said it before, but the Wii U is having a little bit of resurgence with me. This isn’t because of games like Splatoon or Yoshi’s Woolly World, as incredible as they both are, but it is owing to the slow flow of truly wonderful indie titles that have been trickling onto the eShop. … Continue reading

NS Review: Pokémon Shuffle (3DS)

It had to happen eventually. Nintendo have finally stepped into the F2P (Free-to-play) arena, and what possible way could be better to do so than to use an existing, popular IP? On that note, welcome to Pokémon Shuffle, a ‘Mon themed match three puzzle game. As far as I know by my couple of hours … Continue reading

James Noir’s Hollywood Crimes 3D – Review

Title: James Noir’s Hollywood Crimes 3D Genre: Puzzle System: 3DS Developer: Ubisoft Publisher: Ubisoft In the past few years since the European release of Professor Layton and the Curious Village in 2008, puzzle and detective games have become increasingly popular. In fact the puzzle genre has never been so popular since the days of Tetris. … Continue reading

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