NS Review – Red Faction: Guerrilla ReMARStered (Switch)

Imagine being young and given a toy hammer, the freedom to destroy everything you like in a huge massive world built with Lego blocks. This is what playing Red Faction: Guerrilla reMARStered feels like, a remastered port of the original 2009 title, released for Ps3 and Xbox360. The year is 2075. Earth has exhausted its … Continue reading

Celebrate 20 years of Pokemon with Splatfest

That right folks there’s a Splatfest next weekend in Splatoon and a rather topical one with it being Pokemon’s 20th anniversary. It came out rather a long time later in America (2 and half years) and Europe (3 and a half years) but we can still celebrate. Battling it out starting at 4am on Saturday … Continue reading

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