NS Review – Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (Switch)

2014 was arguably the best year for the Nintendo Wii U; it saw the release of many of the console’s highest-selling games, including the no. 1 seller Mario Kart 8, the Switch release of which has already surpassed the original’s sales. Nintendo also released Super Smash Bros for Wii U, a game that’s still being played … Continue reading

Nintendo Switch Presentation: Nintendo Scene’s Hopes and Predictions

Nintendo Switch Hopes and Predictions

This is it folks; in just a few hours the big Nintendo Switch presentation will be here. And what a treat it promises to be. Live from Japan in the early hours of tomorrow morning, or later tonight, depending where in the world you reside, fans are looking forward to seeing more details about Nintendo’s … Continue reading

NS Review: MP Trilogy – Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

As covered by Conor previously, the wonderful Wii package of the incredibly popular Metroid Prime Trilogy has been released as a download on the Wii U eShop. Despite this download being quite a size, and now no longer as cheap as it was on initial release, I couldn’t recommend that everyone at least give it … Continue reading

Miyamoto: New Zelda Game Made By Retro Studios “Could Be Possible”

It has been reported that Shigeru Miyamoto believes Retro Studios, the developer behind Donkey Kong Country Returns, the Metroid Prime series and Mario Kart 7, is qualified to take on a new Zelda game in the future. Hold your horses though, as Miyamoto-san also had some reservations regarding logistics. Speaking after receiving the prestigious Prince of Asturias Award … Continue reading

E3 2012 Wishlist: Samus Aran, Come Rescue Me!

My wishlist this year is VERY specific: METROID. I want Metroid! So badly! I am a huge Metroid fangirl, and if I don’t get a Metroid title at this year’s E3, I’ll probably cry. I remember way back when Nintendo released news on Metroid Other M, I actually got down on my knees and cried, … Continue reading

What can we expect from Wii 2?

The internet is buzzing with rumoured spec details for the new Nintendo console, confirmed for release in 2012 with an official unveiling at e3 happening in June this year. So what should we be expecting to see? I’ve read a lot of rumours online recently regarding the spec’s, the controllers and the games that are … Continue reading

Retro Developing New Title For Wii2?

Retro Studies, the studio behind Metroid Prime and the new Donkey Kong Country Returns, are apparently hard at work developing a new title  for Nintendo’s upcoming console ‘Project Café’. When asked what they were working on, they simply stated “What everyone wants us to do”.The news apparently came from two insiders at Retro Studios in Austin, who said … Continue reading

There was to have been a Metroid Prime 1.5 Game

A recent document has surfaced on an apparent Metroid Prime game to have taken place between Metroid Prime and Echoes (MP2). A member of NeoGAF apparently found the design document (can be viewed here) by Tony C. Giovanni. Tony was a member of the level design team at Retro Studios. Reverse gravity and all other sorts … Continue reading

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