Guild 01 Footage From Level-5 Vision Press Conference


We previously announced that Level-5 were working on a new 3DS title named Guild 01. Level-5 have now released official versions of the Guild 01 footage that was shown during the Level-5 Vision press conference yesterday. The first video is of the four creators behind Guild 01. The second video shows some gameplay along with commentary … Continue reading

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Professor Layton: London Life Trailer


Much to our dismay, EU owners of the upcoming Professor Layton And The Spectre’s Call will not be able to play the bonus RPG, London Life. It will however be available in the US and Japanese version of the game. It has been argued that translating the game for Europe would have caused a major … Continue reading

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New Square Enix 3DS RPG – Bravely Default Flying Fairy


Very early this morning (UK time) at the Nintendo 3DS Conference, a new Square Enix RPG was announced for the 3DS with a rather odd title. A title strange enough to rival other ridiculously named Square Enix titles such as; Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance and Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime 3D. Yes, you read … Continue reading

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Inazuma Eleven – Review

Axel & Mark

Title: Inazuma Eleven Genre: Football RPG System: Nintendo DS Developer: Level-5 Publisher: Nintendo Let’s just get one thing straight before I start this review – before the announcement of Inazuma Eleven I had absolutely no interest whatsoever in football. At all. With the exception of my primary school days when I joined the school team … Continue reading

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New Professor Layton Does NOT feature London Life RPG


Contrary to previous news, the Official Nintendo Magazine has confirmed that the upcoming Professor Layton and The Spectre’s Call (EU release version) will not feature the 100 hour bonus RPG London Life. London Life was included with the Japan version of the new Layton game, and will also be in the US version, however Nintendo … Continue reading

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Professor Layton’s New Game Features Bonus RPG


The Professor’s fourth instalment, Professor Layton And The Spectre’s Call, will feature a bonus RPG called London Life in both Europe and North America, despite rumours that it was a North American exclusive. London Life has been co-developed by Brownie Brown, who are also responsible for the upcoming 3DS game Fantasy Life (a game that … Continue reading

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Xenoblade Chronicles – Initial Review

xenoblade chronicles - intial review

Title: Xenoblade Chronicles Genre: RPG System: Wii Developer: Monolith Soft Publisher: Nintendo This review is based on the early part of the game. An additional post at a later date will be created with my final thoughts. “[People who play RPGs are] depressed gamers who like to sit alone in their dark rooms and play … Continue reading

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Pandora’s Tower and Last Story Confirmed for EU Release


After much anticipation, Operation Rainfall is finally complete (in Europe at least), as finally Pandora’s Tower and Last Story have been confirmed for an EU release on the Wii console in 2012. Xenoblade Chronicles was first game from Operation Rainfall to see release, and is launching across Europe this Friday (19.8.11). Operation Rainfall was a … Continue reading

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Heroes of Ruin (3DS) Preview


We at Nintendo Scene do love a good RPG, and so we were excited to hear that Square Enix (who has become a sort of ambassador for the Japanese role-playing genre) are bringing out a brand new RPG adventure for the 3DS. The story of Heroes of Ruin surrounds four mercenaries, teaming up to find … Continue reading

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Getting to know… Tales of the Abyss

tales of the abyss

Japanese game stores are full to the brim of excellent RPGs that will never see the light of day on European or American shores. Luckily Tales of the Abyss is not one of those, and as it is currently scheduled for an EU release later this year. Handheld systems have always been home to some … Continue reading

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