Humble Bundle Game Opinions

The Humble ‘Friends of Nintendo’ Bundle is almost over, with only a few hours left before closing. This is the second ever Nintendo Humble Bundle, but the first to be available outside North America. The bundle has done exceedingly well with over $1 million being spent. Having spent some time playing a few of the bundle’s … Continue reading

Nintendo Scene’s (N)indie Games of the Year 2015

Us here at Nintendo Scene have already revealed our Wii U and 3DS console specific GotY picks for 2015. However pushing those limitations aside a category opens up for the games which have no need for psychical release. They instead clog up our harddrive space whilst offering splendiferous experimentation. So here we have it, our … Continue reading

NS Review – Runbow (Wii U)

There is already a plethora of fantastic multiplayer experiences available on the Wii U, including highly successful popular picks such as Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros Wii U. The latter broke considerable ground by supporting up to eight players on one console in a single game, adding a new layer to the chaotic … Continue reading

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