Nintendo eShop Celebrates 5 Years With Great Deals


Nintendo eShop just turned 5 years old, and with that comes a huge sale, with prices of up to 50% off! The sale lasts until 23rd June, and is for both 3DS and Wii U eShop, so there should be a deal that interests you. On 3DS, some notable games include 3D Classics Kirby’s Adventure, … Continue reading

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Humble Friends of Nintendo Bundle Now Available in Europe


Humble Bundle is back again on Nintendo systems, and this year it is now available to buy in Europe! For those unfamiliar with the Humble Bundle, it is a special deal where you can pay whatever you want for the selected games available and receive eShop codes depending on how much you pay. Most notably, … Continue reading

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The EPIC Indie Wii U eShop July 2015 Sale!

The EPIC Indie Wii U eShop July 2015 Sale 04

It has begun ladies and gentlemen. This month a healthy dollop of Indie will be diced down to bite-sized prices as long as you’ve tasted one of the flavours on offer before…     The press release states: Independent studios from the United States, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany and Netherlands have united for an epic … Continue reading

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New Super Mario Bros 2 Outsells New Super Mario Bros on Launch in the UK


  Recent 3DS release New Super Mario Bros 2 has outsold its predecessor, New Super Mario Bros, on launch in the UK by a whopping 29.4 percent! Not a bad feat at all! The game has sold well at launch with plenty of fans eager to get collecting a million coins but there’s certainly a … Continue reading

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Just Dance Franchise Claims Over 25 Million Sales Worldwide!

just dance

Yesterday, world famous video games publisher and developer Ubisoft announced that they had surpassed 25 million sales since their latest dancing hit, Just Dance 3. It’s a well deserved milestone for Ubisoft, who have cracked the perfect formula for a great physically demanding yet fun dancing game. London, UK – January 13, 2012 – Today, Ubisoft … Continue reading

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Nintendo’s Earnings See 70 Billion Yen Loss

nintendo sales

It was expected that Nintendo were going to have a rough couple of months after the release of the new 3DS console – everyone knew it was going to happen. However, if we look back roughly 6 years ago, when the Wii was making its first début – sales prospects at Nintendo HQ were looking similar. It … Continue reading

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Nintendo’s President Iwata Explains 3DS Price Drop

Nintendo's President Iwata Explains 3DS Price Drop (1)

Well a lot happened to Nintendo over the past week. It all stared as Nintendo recognized that the 3DS hadn’t done as well as planned. This plunged their share price down to a 9 Year low wiping at one point 20% off the company’s value. Iwata has come out in the storm to settle the air in … Continue reading

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3DS Sales Pick Up as Games Catalogue Strengthens

3DS Sales Pick Up as Games Catalogue Strengthens

Before the launch of their newest portable gaming system, Nintendo announced that they expected 4 million units sold by the end of the fiscal year. In reality they only sold 3.61 million units, which is significantly less than expected. There are several factors responsible for the lack of sales. At first, many gamers weren’t interested … Continue reading

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Nintendo Has Sold Over One Million 3DS Systems In Japan

nintendo3ds aqua blue

Detailing Nintendo 3DS sales for the month of May, it has been confirmed that Nintendo has sold over one million units in Japan. It took the 3DS 13 weeks to reach a million sales in Japan, and this is considerably longer than it took the other DS systems. The original DS reached a million sales within … Continue reading

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