Prepare Yourself For The Costume Contest Next Halloween In Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Clear your diaries because next year you are invited to a Halloween costume party! It shall be a party like no other, one filled with cats dressed as zombies, chickens wearing witch’s hats and of course YOU wearing whatever costume you should so desire. Yes, that’s right, in Animal Crossing: New Leaf players will be … Continue reading

Rising Star Games announce BIT.TRIP COMPLETE and BIT.TRIP SAGA Release Date

This week Rising Star Games have set the date for their upcoming release of BIT.TRIP COMPLETE (Wii) and BIT.TRIP SAGA – so get ready to be hooked on the 16th March. Both games will be released across Europe and the UK. BIT.TRIP COMPLETE and BIT.TRIP SAGA squeeze six of the best BIT.TRIP gaming experiences into … Continue reading

Pokemon & Nobunaga’s Ambition Screenshots

Yesterday we saw a new trailer for the upcoming DS game, Pokemon & Nobunaga’s Ambition. Today, say hello to a bunch of interesting screenshots. While the pairing of the Pokemon and Nobunaga’s Ambition franchises may seem a bit strange, Japanese magazine Famitsu revealed that the crossover was originally going to be with another Tecmo Koei series – … Continue reading

Get Ready For The Wii’s Next Big JRPG – The Last Story

Since the launch of the Nintendo Wii console back in 2006, European fans have been screaming out for some heavyweight JRPGs to get their teeth into. It seems that their luck came all at once with first the announcement of Xenoblade Chronicles hitting our shores, then The Last Story and soon Pandora’s Tower too. Hurrah! … Continue reading

Phoenix Wright Movie To Be Released Globally

Last July we had a cheeky glimpse at Capcom’s upcoming Ace Attorney live action movie. At that point, however, it looked as though the film would only be released in Japan. Thankfully director Takashi Miike has announced that he is planning a worldwide release. According to IGN, Miike is aiming to both dub and subtitle … Continue reading

Kingdom Hearts 3D Screenshots!

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance is Square Enix’s upcoming instalment to the Kingdom Hearts series, launching on the 3DS console later this year. Like previous Kingdom Hearts games, Dream Drop Distance will include many characters and settings from the world of Disney. Director Testuya Nomura has hinted that new worlds within the game will … Continue reading

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