fault – milestone two side: above Switch Review

You don’t have to guess twice to realise that fault – milestone two side: above hails from the land of the used panty vending machine from the title alone. So let’s start by breaking down the title. This is the sequel to the widely successful doujin (hobbyist) game fault – milestone one; a “kinetic” novel … Continue reading

fault – milestone one Switch Review: A Cute, Funny and Thought Provoking Visual Novel

fault - milestone one Nintendo Switch

The kingdom of Rughzenhaide has been invaded, as a last resort Ritona, the loyal protector of princess Selphine, teleports them both to safety. But in her rushed effort to save the princess, they accidentally teleport to an unknown land with the teleportation being a one way gig. Now fault – milestone; the story of their … Continue reading

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