Shakedown Hawaii future DLC and Mogul Update

Shakedown Hawaii is fantastic and exceeded my expectations of a sequel to Retro City Rampage. Read our review here. Brian Provinciano of VBlank Entertainment still has major plans for Shakedown Hawaii. First up is the Mogul update which is currently in certification with Nintendo and due out within a month. You can read all about … Continue reading

NS Review – Shakedown Hawaii (Switch)

Shakedown Hawaii is the long awaited successor to Retro City Rampage that Brian Provinciano of VBlank Entertainment has slaved over for many years until it has become a near perfect SNES styled 2D open world gangster/business management bundle of goodness. There are three game modes, first up is story mode. This is the main mode … Continue reading

New Shakedown Hawaii Trailer and physical release

Sequel to amazingly fun Retro City Rampage (which interestingly started as a NES Grand Theft Auto demake), Shakedown Hawaii will soon be upon us with the Switch version coming 7th May and the 3DS (yes it’s not dead quite yet) coming soon afterwards. Shakedown Hawaii is looking beautiful with its SNES style graphics and this … Continue reading

NintenRave I: Nintendo’s Ace Up Their Sleeve

I’d like to start this by saying that I still stand by (almost) everything I said in NintenRant VI. I still believe that the message given about Switch from Nintendo themselves at launch is mixed at best, especially with the pricing of games such as Super Bomberman R. However, despite all of my frustration with … Continue reading

Shakedown Hawaii (Retro City Rampage followup) will have a physical release

Shakedown hawaii

Brian Provinciano has confirmed via twitter that Shakedown Hawaii the sequel to Retro City Rampage with beautiful 16bit graphics will have a physical release as seen below. @8bitForLife @ShakedownHawaii Yes, but not sure if it’ll be possible at launch or not. — Retro City Rampage (@RetroCR) June 4, 2016 On top of this he has … Continue reading

Shakedown Hawaii 3DS Trailer

Retro City Rampage is one of the big indie titles on 3DS with developer V Blank stating that the DX edition sold best on 3DS, this is probably due to the vanilla edition (sold earlier and separately) not being available on the 3DS. A good stat nonetheless.

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