Skyward Sword – Review

Title: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Genre: Action-Adventure System: Wii Developer: Nintendo EAD, Monolith Soft Publisher: Nintendo Back in 1997, Nintendo managed to define a genre with Ocarina of Time. With its legendary targeting system, battling in a 3D environment felt incredibly natural. 14 years on and Nintendo have again managed to define a genre with another truly remarkable … Continue reading

Original Skyloft Concept Artwork

Most of you will now be feeling right at home wandering around Skyward Swords beautiful Skyloft. It may surprise you to know that it might have looked a lot different according to this original concept art. It appears to show Skyloft as a much more densely populated village, set on much steeper slopes across multiple … Continue reading

Zelda Timeline Explained

As some of you might have heard, a new book has been released in Japan called ‘Hyrule Historia’. Containing original concept art, character designs and a range of information. It’s also shed some light on the much debated Zelda timeline. It’s been leaked that this might actually be the official timeline. For many years there … Continue reading

Nintendo Receive Four Awards At Spike VGAs 2011

Nintendo bagged themselves four awards at this years Spike Video Game Awards (VGA) 2011. The Legend of Zelda franchise picked up the very first “Video Game Hall Of Fame Award”, with none other than Shigeru Miyamoto picking up the award. Well deserved. The rest of the awards included: Best Wii Game: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward … Continue reading

Shigeru Miyamoto Retires from Current Position at Nintendo

Please leave us you reaction via this pages comments. The world’s most widely accepted influential and creative game designer, Shigeru Miyamoto, has confusingly announced through an interview with Chris Kohler at Wired that, his involvement with Nintendo is changing. But let us tell you in short; Miyamoto is not leaving Nintendo. It would seem, he is instead … Continue reading

Miyamoto Spends 10 Hours A Day Playing Games

It has been revealed today that Shigeru Miyamoto often spends up to 10 hours a day playing games, in work. In a recent interview, Miyamoto says he is “continually playing the games and checking their content, and sharing my opinion with the development staff. Miyamoto jots down his thoughts on a game on a checklist, which … Continue reading

Aonuma Talks About 3D Link To The Past Style Game

Last week we had Eiji Aonuma announce that a new Zelda game is in development for the 3DS. This week he has stated that Shigeru Miyamoto has been looking at the 2D Zelda titles again recently, and is quite interested in making a 2D style Link To The Past game but with 3D effects. Aonuma was recently speaking … Continue reading

Mario Kart 7 Steering Wheel Pictures

First pictures of the Mario Kart 7 steering wheel add-on have emerged. No plans yet to release this outside of Japan, but should be a given if it’s a success.Slot your 3DS into it and enjoy gyro controlled racing in the palm of your hand. Pretty neat idea! It’s due for release in Japan on … Continue reading

Zelda News Round Up

As we edge ever closer to next months release of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, excitement and anticipation is through the roof. The first reviews are coming in, all reporting that this is hands down the most spectacular Zelda adventure to date. ONM gave it a staggering 98% (read more about it here), while … Continue reading

Skyward Sword Scores 98% in ONM

The first review of Skyward Sword has been published in the latest issue of ONM and it’s scored a whopping 98%!! “The best Zelda game ever made” ONM It now stands along side Ocarina of Time 3D as the highest scoring game ONM have reviewed to date. Shigeru Miyamoto has previously said that this needs … Continue reading

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