Harmony Of A Hunter: 101% Run Available To Download On 17th November

Way back in 1986 a little game known as Metroid was released on the Famicon in Japan – twenty six years later and Samus is still exploring the galaxy, saving us from space pirate tyranny on a daily basis! To celebrate last year’s twenty fifth anniversary Shinesparkers, the home of everything Metroid on the internet, released Harmony of a … Continue reading

Harmony Of A Hunter: 101% Run Coming This November

Fans of the Metroid franchise? Well you’re in for a treat. Harmony of a Hunter: 101% Run, the fan-produced music album of Metroid music and remixes, has been confirmed for a November release. Harmony of a Hunter: 101% Run is a follow up to the original Harmony of a Hunter double album (which you can download for free right … Continue reading

Metroid 25th Anniversary

Last year we had Nintendo’s main mascot, Mario, turn 25. A Mario themed Wii was made available, along with a Mario themed DSi and a special edition Super Mario All Stars collection for the Wii. This year we have Zelda’s 25th Anniversary and Metroid’s 25th Anniversary. Yes, this year is also Metroid’s 25th birthday too, but … Continue reading

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