Shovel Knight amiibo scanning through the box was intentional

amiibo figure

Last week, the Shovel Knight amiibo launched across the US and Europe, and fans noticed something different with this amiibo figure compared to others. Those who bought the Shovel Knight amiibo were able to scan the figure from its box, without having to release the figure from its confinement. This came as a welcome surprise to … Continue reading

Nintendo Scene’s (N)indie Games of the Year 2015

Us here at Nintendo Scene have already revealed our Wii U and 3DS console specific GotY picks for 2015. However pushing those limitations aside a category opens up for the games which have no need for psychical release. They instead clog up our harddrive space whilst offering splendiferous experimentation. So here we have it, our … Continue reading

NS Review – Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows (eShop)

After what has felt like a century (and is only realistically a few months), Yacht Club Games have released the long-awaited DLC pack for Shovel Knight, which is available now across all platforms. For all those that are unfamiliar with Shovel Knight, you can find my review of the main game here, or just go … Continue reading

Nintendo Scene’s 3DS Games of the Year 2014

It’s no lie that 2014 was a crackin’ year to be an owner of Nintendo hardware, am I right? Us here at camp Nintendo Scene (aka site veteran Wes and the rookies being me, Reuben & Conor) decided to put our noggins together to whittle out what we considered to be the cream of last … Continue reading

NS Review: Shovel Knight (3DS)

Yacht Club Games might have been playing a dangerous game with regards to Shovel Knight. Owing to the large delay on the EU release of the title, the levels of hype may have actually ended placing the game in a position where it couldn’t possibly live up to the expectations the public had of it … Continue reading

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