Super Smash Bros Ultimate Smashes Evo Records, Watch the 2019 Grand Final Here

This Sunday, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was part of the biggest fighting game eSports tournament EVO. Known for bringing professional fighting game players from all around the globe, the EVO tournament series is a big deal in the fighting game community. With the highest number of entrants in the Super Smash Bros. history at nearly … Continue reading

The Hero from Dragon Quest causes Controversy for Competitive Smash

Does RNG have a play in competitive gaming?

NS Review – Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Switch)

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Simon Belmont and King K. Rool

The reveal of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for Switch back in 2017 was somewhat inevitable really. We all knew the Nintendo all-star beat-em up was destined to arrive on Switch at some point soon – with a fairly low adoption rate for the Wii U version it seemed like a no-brainer to bring, what was … Continue reading

NintenRants III – Nintendo and the Internet

For my third NintenRant, I wanted to tackle an issue which I hear a rather large amount from other gamers both old and new, whether affiliated with the Big N or not; Nintendo and their seeming incapability to sort out online on their games or consoles. That isn’t to say that Nintendo have never made … Continue reading

A Brave New World: Are You In The Zone?

The last few weeks have been a hype train for news on Nintendo games coming in the future. What with the recent release of Mewtwo for Smash 4 for those who registered both versions (about which Conor did a great article you can find here), the announcement of Lucas and the Smash Fighter Ballot, and … Continue reading

A Challenger Approaches! – Our Thoughts on the Smash Ballot

Wednesday evening brought us another Nintendo Direct, this time concentrating mostly on games and events that are due around the time of E3, and it came with one hell of a Smash Bros. update. Not only is Mewtwo coming relatively soon, but also Lucas will be rejoining the Smash roster as DLC. However, that wasn’t … Continue reading

Tourney News – Apex 2015 Comes to a Close

An abundance of exciting competitive Smash Bros. was on display at Apex 2015 over the weekend, on every single official console entry in the Smash Bros. series. In the Smash Bros Wii U singles tournament, the world-renowned Chilean player ‘Zero’ took the spoils after a very convincing final, playing as Diddy Kong against the American … Continue reading

Smash Bros. Wii U And 3DS Co-Developed By Namco Bandai

Namco Bandai, the developers of the Pac-Man and Tekken, will be joining forces with Sakurai’s Project Sora team to develop the new Smash Bros. game. Namco Bandai’s Masaya Kobayashi stated: In order to make Mr. Sakurai proud, we will take on this project with Namco Bandai’s best staff! Yoshito Higuchi, the producer and the director of the … Continue reading

Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS Details Revealed

In a recent Iwata Asks interview Smash Bros designer Masahiro Sakaurai discussed how the recently announced Wii U and 3DS editions of Smash Bros could work together. Thanks to Andriasang, a translation of the interview is online and these are the main points. Internal talk about creating a new Smash Bros. first started a bit … Continue reading

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