NS Review – Super Mario Maker 2 (Nintendo Switch)

I’m a big fan of Super Mario Maker, I’ve sung high praise for the series since the Wii U release, and the announcement of the Switch version got that hype train rolling fast for me. Fast forward through some trailers, E3, and a demonstration of the game at the post-E3 event, and Super Mario Maker … Continue reading

NS Review – Super Mario Maker 3DS

Super Mario Maker launched for the Wii U on the 11th September 2015 , topping charts, racking up an impressive list of nominations (most of which it won), and even helping sell console bundles. Last year I gave Super Mario Maker my Wii U Game of the Year Award, a tough choice between that, Splatoon, … Continue reading

Create your very own Super Mario Maker images with the new Super Mario Wallpaper Maker from Nintendo

A couple of hours ago Nintendo told us about a nifty new browser tool that lets you create your very own Super Mario Maker Wallpapers, with preset dimensions for multiple devices including desktops, iPhone’s, and much more. So what are you waiting for? Head on over there to make some Mario, and remember to show … Continue reading

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