A Summary of Every Announcement from Yesterday’s Nintendo Direct

There was a lot announced and looked at yesterday in the direct, the stand out for me was that SNES games are coming to Switch at some point today, games such as Stunt Race which was previously unreleased on any additional consoles and it’ll feature online multiplayer. You can also watch the direct here. Check … Continue reading

Watch today’s Nintendo Direct Here, Both US and UK Streams

Nintendo have a 40minute direct airing at 11pm UK, 3pm PT and 6pm ET It’s likely to feature Overwatch which there have a lot of hints that it is coming to Switch. There’s also a lot of speculation that SNES games are coming to Switch (about time too) but there will be a lot more … Continue reading

NS Review – StarFox 2 (SNES Mini)

Retro, in all of it’s senses, is having a bit of a revival in recent times. What with the rise of indie developers taking retro styles or gameplay as centre stage in their games and the success of the Nintendo Classic NES Mini, it’s a good time to be old school. Now, the highly anticipated … Continue reading

NS Review – Nintendo Classic SNES Mini

It has been a while in coming but it is almost here, Nintendo’s latest miniaturised nostalgia machine is upon us. I’ve been privileged enough to spend time playing around with the new Nintendo Classic SNES Mini the last few weeks, testing out all of it’s 21 pre-loaded games and exploring all of the features of … Continue reading

Unboxing – SNES Nintendo Classic Mini

In case you might have missed the news, Nintendo are following up their highly sought-after NES Classic Mini with a tiny version of their sophomore console, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (or SNES, for short). Nintendo Scene have been lucky enough to get one of these little things early, but what’s in the box? Warning: … Continue reading

SNES Classic Mini Announced and Set for September Release!

As of 5pm BST today, Nintendo have announced that they are following up the hugely popular (and worryingly understocked) NES Mini with the SNES Classic Mini on 29th September. Much alike its predecessor, this little console (which fits pretty much into the palm of your hand) will plug into your TV and run 21 different … Continue reading

Metroid 30th: In Retrospect – Super Metroid

Continuing our celebration of the fantastic Metroid series on its 30th Anniversary (which Nintendo appears to have forgotten), I have the wonderful task of tackling the incredible Super Metroid. But first, a story for you all. When I was really young (we’re talking around 8 years old), I was taken shopping in the local big … Continue reading

Out on the eShop this week (10th March)

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

It’s Monday and that means we find out what is coming on the European Nintendo eShop this Thursday. The big news to me are the releases of the SNES classics The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Super Metroid on New 3DS, but don’t write off Atlus RPG Stella Glow as that … Continue reading

NS Review – The Legend of Zelda × Mario Kart 8 (Wii U)

A few years ago on an infamous indie website… “So what else is new? Well the developers still seem content to settle on the usual sixteen old and sixteen new racetrack routine. I’m still waiting for ‘Mario Kart the Complete Package’ or you know… that never mentioned ‘Retro Track Pack DLC’? Pretty please Nintendo?” (Boots, … Continue reading

Super Punch-Out!! Made Available As A Club Nintendo Reward

SNES classic Super Punch-Out!! is the latest game to be made available as a Club Nintendo reward and will cost you 150 coins. The game sees you don the gloves of Little Mac, Nintendo’s boxing star, as you attempt to climb the WVBA rankings to the very top! Super Punch-Out!! is available until 14th November and … Continue reading

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