Microsoft’s Phil Spencer Refutes SmartGlass Copy Accusations and Wants New Zelda and Metroid Games

In an interview with Games Industry published last night with the corporate vice president of Microsoft Studios Phil Spencer. While the interview offered no real surprises it did give us a the view on Nintendo and their E3 2012 presentation from within Microsoft. He refutes suggestions that Microsoft’s SmartGlass is a copy of the Wii … Continue reading

Satoru Iwata: Rivals Are Already Copying The Wii U

Fighting talk from a man under extreme pressure to turn around Nintendo’s fortunes after a tough 12 months. With the Wii U’s release being Nintendo’s most important for 6 Years, Nintendo will need the creative advantage over it’s competitors. Iwata has come out to talk of  both Microsoft and Sony having dual-screen concepts of their own, … Continue reading

Rumour: Wii U Up Against Next Xbox And PS4 At E3 2012

It has been reported today that as well as the Wii U being shown off at E3 2012, Microsoft and Sony might try to steal it’s thunder by showing off the next Xbox console and PS4. It will mark the very first time in the show’s 17-year history that three fresh, rival console formats will … Continue reading

Nintendo will welcome DLC in the future. Should they?

DLC, downloadable content, is now an established part of the gaming industry, but not quite so much for Nintendo gamers. While DLC services have been available to developers and customers on the Wii, it hasn’t been utilized as widely as on other systems. But with the 3DS having a relaunch of sorts, and the Wii-U … Continue reading

Sony and Microsoft at E3: What it means for Nintendo

Nintendo fans will undoubtedly be interested in the company’s E3 press conference and all the announcements and excitement that comes with it. New console, new games, new technologies… What an event! But the press conferences of Sony and Microsoft are important too, and not only for fans of those companies. The big names in the … Continue reading

Nintendo Scene: E3 Hopes And Dreams

With four days to go until Nintendo’s E3 presentation, you can’t help but feel all jittery inside, thinking of what could happen and what will be revealed to make our little brains explode! Theres much excitement here at Nintendo Scene in the run up to E3 2011 and we are delighted to share with you … Continue reading

Nintendo’s 3DS Sales Up and Down

On April the 11th Michael Pachter (an industry analyst) said he believed Nintendo sold 500,000 3DS units. That beats XBox 360 with 480,000, Nintendo’s own Wii at 410,000 and Sony’s PS3 with 380,000. The 3DS contributed so heavly to hardware sales that it brought an increase of 6 percent in March to the industry. All this is in … Continue reading

My Nintendo 3DS – Brief Opinion

My Nintendo 3DS has been receiving some very good use over the week since release. Nintendo have indeed produced another awesome console, delivering completely what they set-out to do. Things can be said about the launch line-up, the build quality, the experiences of some users being headache prone, and whether or not they’ll be an imminent release of a lite or … Continue reading

NetFront to be Nintendo’s 3DS Browser

NetFront to be Nintendo's 3DS Browser

Via an update later in the Year, the 3DS will have its own browser. THe browser is to be provided by NetFront. This is as oppose to Opera that’s used on the DS and Wii consoles. NetFront is well know as the browser for the PSP and PS3 Sony platforms and provides Flash as well as … Continue reading

3DS Japan Launch – Pictures and Videos

3DS unboxing videos are hitting the net at break neck speed. Here’s is the clearest and most straightforward video so far in English language. (Video courtesy of the guys over at 1up) If you don’t know already, today sees the release of the Nintendo 3DS in Japan first at a price of ¥25000 ($300) (£190). Europe … Continue reading

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