Streets of Rage 4 Switch Review – The Stuff Dreams are Made of

The iconic beat ’em up of the 90s is finally back after a 25 year wait. Wow that makes me feel old. Axel, Blaze, Adam and pals are back with avengence in Streets of Rage 4. Created by Dotemu; experts in bringing back lost gaming IPs, Lizardcube; beholders of beautiful hand drawn graphics as seen … Continue reading

Streets of Rage 4 is Coming to Nintendo Switch, Watch a Trailer for New Playable Character Cherry Hunter

We all suspected it, but it’s been officially confirmed. Streets of Rage 4 is coming to Nintendo Switch. Huzzah! And in fine tradition of someone from Adam Hunter’s (the one in the yellow top from the original game) family being the game we have Cherry Hunter. Cherry wanted to follow her dad and join the … Continue reading

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