Harmony Of A Hunter: 101% Run Available To Download On 17th November

Way back in 1986 a little game known as Metroid was released on the Famicon in Japan – twenty six years later and Samus is still exploring the galaxy, saving us from space pirate tyranny on a daily basis! To celebrate last year’s twenty fifth anniversary Shinesparkers, the home of everything Metroid on the internet, released Harmony of a … Continue reading

Epic Twilight Symphony Soundtrack Available For Pre-Order – Digital Copies Coming Soon

Zelda Orchestrated, the team behind the awe-inspiring Zelda 25th Anniversary Symphony and the Symphony of the Goddess tours, have made Twilight Symphony, a collection of orchestrated tracks from Twilight Princess, available for pre-order. The soundtrack contains over 3 hours of music that will no doubt send a shiver or two down your spine! 1000 copies of the 3 disc … Continue reading

Xenoblade Chronicles Free Soundtrack Available Now

If you have managed to secure yourself a copy of Xenoblade Chronicles despite stock shortages, head on over to Club Nintendo to bag yourself a free download of the soundtrack. There are twelve amazing songs on the soundtrack, with my personal favourite being Gaur Plains, which you can check out by clicking on the link. … Continue reading

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