Quick, the Splatoon 2 Final Splatfest Posters are back on My Nintendo Store!

That’s right, the high quality limited edition posters featuring our beloved queen of Inkopolis Pearl (and Marina, meh) have been restocked on the My Nintendo website online store. The posters sold out in a matter of minutes during the final “Splatocalypse”” event leaving most fans (including myself) disappointed and empty handed.But now, assured you have … Continue reading

Splatfests will now Feature an Exclusive Stage

This weekend marks the first post-release Splatfest on Splatoon 2, and the first in which players can keep their rewards. Super Sea Snails, which are used to enhance gear, will be available as prizes this time. In a surprising announcement, it seems there will be a new stage introduced for the Splatfest… and only for … Continue reading

The Final Splatfest Starts This Weekend! Callie VS. Marie!

I’m sure all you Splatoon fans have already heard about the final Splatfest announcement, but here is a quick reminder that the Callie VS. Marie Splatfest is happening this weekend, starting Friday 22nd July at 10AM to Sunday 24th July at 10AM. It’s the longest Splatfest of them all, so be sure to set some … Continue reading

The Next Splatfest (11th June)

World tour Vs A space adventure

It’s here everyone, the next Splatfest after the big update on Splatoon. It’ll start 6pm BST on Saturday 11th June. This time it’s What’s your dream trip? A world tour or  a space adventure. Now I’m sure more people will pick a space adventure as clearly that’s a better holiday. though if you think about … Continue reading

Next Splatfest: Hoverboards Vs Jet Packs

Splatfest: Hooverboards Vs Jet Packs

Splatoon is still going strong with new updates coming soon and splatfest still ongoing. The next splatfest is “Would you rather have a Hoverboard or Jet Pack? Now that is a tough decision as obviously Hoverboards are way cooler but jet packs are much more practical and less likely to end in falling to certain … Continue reading

Celebrate 20 years of Pokemon with Splatfest

That right folks there’s a Splatfest next weekend in Splatoon and a rather topical one with it being Pokemon’s 20th anniversary. It came out rather a long time later in America (2 and half years) and Europe (3 and a half years) but we can still celebrate. Battling it out starting at 4am on Saturday … Continue reading

Splatoon: Splatfest and Tower Control Impressions

Night falls on Inkopolis. Fireworks explode in the sky. Lights shine across the tower. Inklings dance in the plaza donning their team shirt with a festival wristband. Callie and Marie – the loveable Squid Sisters – move out of their newsroom and onto the trailer stages, singing and performing a dance routine simple enough to … Continue reading

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