NS Monthly Most Played – August 2016

The beginning of the month marks our next installment in our Monthly Most Played articles; where we at Nintendo Scene write about which 3DS games and which Wii U games have taken the top spot in our activity logs for the month just gone by. So without further ado let’s see what (some of us) … Continue reading

The Great British Splat Off Event Report (Summer of Splat/Splatoon Fan Fest UK)

Conor’s Report Opportunities don’t come up like this very often. A chance to go to an eSports arena for an event focused on one of your favourite games, play in the tournament, watch top-ranked players show their stuff for the audience and live viewers, and – if you’re me – take part in some awkward … Continue reading

NS Monthly Most Played – July 2016

Hello again and welcome to the second installment in our Monthly Most Played articles! This month saw the Summer of Splat; a competitive tournament for Splatoon players, and the release of Pokémon GO; a new mobile app by Niantic where one must actually leave the house in order to encounter and collect randomly spawned Pokémon, … Continue reading

The Final Splatfest Starts This Weekend! Callie VS. Marie!

I’m sure all you Splatoon fans have already heard about the final Splatfest announcement, but here is a quick reminder that the Callie VS. Marie Splatfest is happening this weekend, starting Friday 22nd July at 10AM to Sunday 24th July at 10AM. It’s the longest Splatfest of them all, so be sure to set some … Continue reading

NS Reviews amiibo – Squid Sisters & New Wave Splatoon amiibo

Following in the inktrail of our Monthly Most Played, July 8th marks the release of a new wave of Splatoon amiibo, and bringing with it is yet another new installment of article I hope you’ll enjoy; Nintendo Scene, specifically myself, will start reviewing amiibo! For those unfamiliar, amiibo are a series of interactive figurines created … Continue reading

Editmode Releases Fresh Splatoon SplatFest Gear, Hats, Pins & More

Editmode (Japanese site | English site) are currently taking pre-orders for some extremely fresh Splatoon themed merchandise, including hats, tees, pins, and two special Final SplatFest Themed Callie & Marie shirts. Interestingly the merchandise all seems to be as accurate to the game as possible, with the Splatoon logo only featuring inside out of sight. … Continue reading

NS Monthly Most Played – June 2016

We’re halfway into 2016 and what better time to start a new series of articles? Created by our very own b00ts, please welcome what I hope to be an ongoing installment to Nintendo Scene; our monthly most played games! I’ll be getting as many of the team on board as I can to write up … Continue reading

The Next Splatfest (11th June)

World tour Vs A space adventure

It’s here everyone, the next Splatfest after the big update on Splatoon. It’ll start 6pm BST on Saturday 11th June. This time it’s What’s your dream trip? A world tour or  a space adventure. Now I’m sure more people will pick a space adventure as clearly that’s a better holiday. though if you think about … Continue reading

Celebrate a year of Splatoon in style

Happy Birthday Splatoon

Since last Sunday Splatoon has been out a year. What a year it’s been with updates still rolling out due to popular demand. Splatoon has gone from paying full price for effectively a demo to a huge game with mucho guns, levels and game modes. With gaming’s current obsession with shooters, Splatoon is surely here … Continue reading

Next Splatfest: Hoverboards Vs Jet Packs

Splatfest: Hooverboards Vs Jet Packs

Splatoon is still going strong with new updates coming soon and splatfest still ongoing. The next splatfest is “Would you rather have a Hoverboard or Jet Pack? Now that is a tough decision as obviously Hoverboards are way cooler but jet packs are much more practical and less likely to end in falling to certain … Continue reading

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