Olympic StreetPass Event for London 2012 – St Pancras Station 5/8/12 13-15:00

This event has now closed. Please click here for the full report. Stay tuned to our feeds for upcoming events. Thank you to all. The capital and the country is in Olympic spirit. As the UK’s most prominent organizer of the largest and best StreetPass gatherings, Nintendo Scene are calling one for you all again! This time … Continue reading

International Streetpass Day – London Event – 25 Jun 11

Saturday 25 Jun is International Streetpass day, and what better way to celebrate than to return to the place where the first UK Streetpass event was held? Brought to you again by Nintendo Scene, on the Upper Concourse, under the Olympic Rings at St Pancras station, London will celebrate International Streetpass day. So grab your … Continue reading

London (UK) First StreetPass and Mii Trading Meet-up – 27.03.11

After the Akihabara (Tokyo – Japan) critical mass, as well as the already planned event in Washington, D.C. (StreetPass DC).  It was only a matter of time before London had it’s very own meeting. So here it is. St Pancras Station – Upper Concourse – Under the New Olympic Rings at 12:00pm Lunchtime (for as long as … Continue reading

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