Awesome Star Fox 64 3D Trailer Comes Barrel Rolling In

Our friend Nintendaan has done it again, posting an awesome new Japanese trailer for Star Fox 64 3D on his YouTube channel. As a fan of the original this will be a must buy for me when it arrives on 3DS later this year. I can’t wait. I’ve played through the Virtual Console version on … Continue reading

Zelda Ocarina of Time and Star Fox 3D Release Dates and Sites

Exciting day, both Zelda OoT and Star Fox 3D get their own official teaser sites! Zelda Site, in Japanese Star Fox 3D Site, again in Japanese Although the sites don’t offer much, they do however give us some nice splash screens. Especially with Ocarina of Time looking wonderful, move you mouse over the artwork to get an idea of … Continue reading

3DS software Release Dates Leaked

It appears that a distributor for Nintendo Spain has leaked the release dates for upcoming games on the 3DS. This list is not 100% confirmed by Nintendo themselves. RABBIDS 3D 01/04 -E46.99 PUZZLE BOBBLE UNIVERSE 22/04 – E40.99 JAMES NOIRS HOLLYWOOD CRIMES 06/05- E46.99 DRIVER RENEGADE 06/05- E46.99 RESIDENT EVIL: THE MERCENARIES 06/05 – E50.99 … Continue reading

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