NS Review – Star Fox Guard (Wii U)

Shigeru Miyamoto first showed us his “Project Guard” creation two years ago at E3, and it was a wonder how this little game would develop into a full experience for the Wii U. It ends up feeling right at home as a side-game in the Star Fox universe, and as a bundle bonus for the main … Continue reading

NS Review – Star Fox Zero (Wii U)

Enter Star Wars paraphernalia. It’s everywhere nowadays. Stormtrooper this, Wookie that, Darth Vader something else, R2-D… honestly? I’m probably in the minority of Science fiction fans who prefers their galactic escapism completely void of Jedi mind tricks. So it baffles me why I’ve always had a soft spot for the likes of Bucky O’Hare and the to … Continue reading

Watch the World Premiere of Star Fox Zero: The Battle Begins

The highly anticipated Star Fox Zero will finally launch on Friday April 22nd, and what better way to celebrate than with an all-new animated short featuring Fox and crew? At 11PM UK time on April 20th, there will be a worldwide live broadcast of Star Fox Zero: The Battle Begins. But that’s not all – … Continue reading

Star Fox Zero Set To Launch On Wii U In April Next Year

Nintendo‘s latest Nintendo Direct Broadcast brought news that Star Fox Zero would do a barrel roll on to the Wii U in early 2016. Fox McCloud and co. will land in North America on 22nd April, with Europe getting the upcoming installment in the same month, but the date is unconfirmed as of yet. This news will delight … Continue reading

NS Preview – Post E3 hands on with Star Fox Zero (Wii U)

We’ve already shared our Super Mario Maker and Yo-Kai Watch post E3 ventures, but now it’s time for a certain puppet pilot to take the limelight. Don’t forget to gird your loins for another article stashed with varying opinions as we reminisce about our time spent with Star Fox Zero…   Falco Reuben stated this… Unpopular opinion, I … Continue reading

E3 Week – Our Expectations and Wishes: Part One

It has probably escaped no one’s notice but E3 (the Electronic Entertainment Expo) is coming and we already know what Nintendo’s plans are; they are, in fact, replicating the incredible set-up they had last year with the Digital Presentation and Treehouse Live from E3. So if this is anything like last year, we are really … Continue reading

Wii U Games We’d Like To See: Star Fox U

It has been absolutely ages since we’ve had a Star Fox game and in truth we’ve never really had a true successor to the N64 gem, Star Fox 64 (Lylat Wars to me). The future of the franchise was taking a new turn when Rare were given developing rights for it but when they left … Continue reading

Nintendo Scene: September, A Month in Review

This month was full of various massive events and, as usual, the Nintendo Scene crew threw themselves at the opportunity to provide you, the readers, with all the information. In-fact, the month was so driven by massive events that I don’t really know where to start with this post… I’ll start with the earth shattering … Continue reading

August Site Review

August was a great month for Nintendo Scene. We’ve been doing things left, right and centre! The things that we’ve done… Oh and we also wrote some simply astounding articles for you lovely people! Many of the staff (and readers!) were honoured to be attending IGN’s 100th Podcast Party recently. Nintendo Scene were allocated some … Continue reading

Hyper Japan 2011 Day 1 Prelim Report – Super Mario and Mario Kart playable demos

Hyper Japan – Olympia 2, Kensington, London Day 1 Report Just so you’re aware, this is a quick fire report just to update people on what went down on Hyper Japan’s first day so you can make an informed decision about coming down on Sat or Sun. My day went like this: Entered Hyper Japan … Continue reading

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