Resident Evil Revelations UK release date

Fans of Resident Evil will be pleased to hear a UK release date has been confirmed for Resident Evil Revelations. It’s due to land on our shores on 27 January 2012 – A week before the US get it on 7 February 2012. A little unfortunate we won’t see it before Christmas, but with the … Continue reading

Capcom London Fight Club – 20 Aug 11 – Report

Capcom Fight Clubs have been happening for a while over in the United States.  The last Capcom New York Fight Club on Thursday 18th August allowed fans to get to grips with the latest global builds of Street Fighter x Tekken, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, and Street Fighter 3 Online Edition with some legendary … Continue reading

International Streetpass Day – London Event Report – 25 Jun 11

Saturday 25 June 2011 Yesterday locations around the world celebrated International Streetpass day, a day to celebrate the social gaming tool provided to us all by Nintendo. I started the day by having lunch at the Oh My Lord! Maid Cafe event, where I had the pleasure of introducing Maid Kimiko to the 3DS.   She … Continue reading

International Streetpass Day – London Event – 25 Jun 11

Saturday 25 Jun is International Streetpass day, and what better way to celebrate than to return to the place where the first UK Streetpass event was held? Brought to you again by Nintendo Scene, on the Upper Concourse, under the Olympic Rings at St Pancras station, London will celebrate International Streetpass day. So grab your … Continue reading

London Streetpass – 01 May 11

A park, In front of the London Eye, London, England The sun ploughed slowly across the English sky (and all other skies that were available to it at the time, but the only one I was interested in was the one that I was under) as I stepped, slightly sleep deprived out of Waterloo station.  … Continue reading

Gaming The Social Network – London StreetPass Day Part 1

There was a time, a time where gaming was reserved for a small minority who would spend hours alone in their rooms, behind closed doors, whacking away on their controllers. You could say not much has changed, but there has definitely been a shift in the dynamics of gaming in recent years. Nintendo have been … Continue reading

Dublin StreetPass Event April 23rd

NINTENDO SCENE WOULD LIKE TO INVITE YOU TO DUBLIN’S STREETPASS EVENT THIS SATURDAY APRIL 23RD STARTING FROM 12.00 UP TILL 14.00. MEETING AT HMV ON GRAFTON STREET CONTINUING ON TO ST.STEPHEN’S GREEN. Having read about all the succesful StreetPass events being held worldwide, now this fever will be hitting Dublin this Saturday April 23rd! Organised by Nintendo Scene … Continue reading

Distracted by StreetPass at Gadget Show Live

On Friday morning I turned on my 3DS, confirmed my Street Fighter IV 3D team and activated StreetPass and set off to Gadget Show Live on a very hot sweaty train full of gadget geeks, including a couple of mates from work. We arrived right on time for the opening and went straight into the … Continue reading

1 Million Copies of Street Fighter IV 3D Sold

I heard today that Capcom have announced that they have sold 1 million copies of Super Street Fighter IV for 3DS worldwide. Or, 999,999 plus the copy I got on Saturday from Game. Where I got my first StreetPass too. Yay! (From a Game employee – does that count!?) I had hesitated buying this originally. … Continue reading

London’s Next Major StreetPass Event Day on 16.04.11 from Midday

This is it, the follow-up to the hugely successful first StreetPass event which saw the attendance of early 3DS adopters and Yoshinori Ono (Street Fighter IV Developer). We will now like to invite you to join us for London’s 2nd StreetPass day on the 16th of April 2011, starting from 12:00-15:00 at the London Eye (Jubilee Gardens) then continuing … Continue reading

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