New Level-5 Game: Guild 01

It has been revealed that Yasumi Matsuno, who created the Ogre Battle series and worked on such titles as Final Fantasy XII and Madworld, has been wroking on a new 3DS title for Level-5, Guild 01. Matsuno, who joined Level-5 in June 2011, isn’t the only person involved in the title. Grasshopper Manufacture’s Suda 51 is … Continue reading

Will We See A New No More Heroes Title Next Year?

Yes could possibly be the answer to that question in the title, as Goichi Suda (also known as Suda51) who is CEO of Grasshopper Manufacture, says we could see a return of the series sooner rather than later. In a recent interview, he hinted that a new No More Heroes could be in the works for … Continue reading

No More Heroes 3 Coming to Wii U?

In a recent interview conducted by Destructoid’s Jonathan Holmes with my personal gaming hero Suda 51, CEO of Grasshopper Manufactures and director of the amazing No More Heroes series, Suda let slip that we might be seeing the next instalment in the No More Heroes franchise heading to Wii U. “I was at the Nintendo … Continue reading

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